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Leave the sadness behind

Leave the sadness behind

All have sad days. Perhaps you have lost the illusion, flooded you the disappointments or you are broken into a thousand pieces. Whatever the reason, that's how you feel. First and most important:


You have the right to be sad


Life is not always easy. You're tired of fighting, fake a smile when your soul ask you mourn, look good with each other... Make your sadness has become your routine and avoid the discomfort has been so far what has allowed you to continue. But not anymore, You can no more. Your reluctance is so great that not even you can hide.


Leave the sadness behind


It's okay. You have the right to bring you down. To cry, scream with pain and not wanting to smile if you don't feel it. Sometimes life weighs and tears us apart without any contemplation. Your duty is not to always be well, or wear a costume to make him believe others. Keep in mind that masks also make wounds as you hide and give you a character that you can engage in Exchange for betraying yourself.

Whatever the reason, allow yourself to feel your sadness to vent all that emotional pain that you carry inside whenever you call your door. Accept it is the only healthy way to do it and the most suitable way to begin to build the bridge to your wellbeing. But don't forget that being sad is connected with memories and although this is useful, It ceases to be so when you lean your whole life on this.

Because even if they're not responsible for how you feel, If you are what you do with it.



Hold you strong, very strong


Now forget your fears and just like that you are brave to not worry about others, be brave to be honest you with you and discover at what point are. Look in the mirror and give you the love that so many times you forget to retrieve your beautiful authenticity, that which you cast aside for the good of others. Don't be afraid. The worst you can discover is a stranger to you.

If it is so, hug him, hold you. Reconnect with yourself there is no better medicine than the heat feel loved... and that makes time that you have forgotten to do so. Treat you with love, free of judgments and criticisms to collect every part to your sadness has shattered and understanding the.

You will help forgive your mistakes, the times that you did not know to do it right and other so many that you even know how to do it. No one is born knowing. Your mistakes are part of your learning. We are sure that behind every one of them there has been a breakthrough. What happens is that not you noticed. The least you can learn is that this way of doing things is not valid and do not like who discard options? Whenever we do so we are one step closer.

It also leaves aside to your dear whys: "would?"Why I had to happen to me?"", "would?"Why is the same always?"", "would?"Why so has it behaved with me?"... They seduce you so just so you become part of a spiral without output tightening you soul

You will recognize it because it is full of justifications, explanations and evasions from all sorts of feelings and responsibilities. If you leave them eventually make your sad day your own routine. If you want to ask you to be with how, What, When or for what. It will be more constructive and restful.

Now, After hug and reflect is the time to look in the mirror to recognize who you are really. You are looking for your eyes, connect with them and while you do pronounce this simple phrase of two words and great effects: "!"I love me!"".

Perhaps you know of that have been too long waiting for someone you valued and you want as you expected. Like this, you forgot that the only person who could do it was always with you.


The Sun that appears after these sad days


Your sad days need you to hear them so you understand them. Only if you do it, your wounds will start to heal slowly and the pain will start to disappear.

Understand it is the key to moving forward and love for yourself the most powerful tool that will allow you to get it.

Because, Although after your sad days the Sun appears with small flashes to not dazzle you and you go slowly adapting to their strength, depends on you to go out to meet him or, on the other hand, cover yourself with a blanket to not welcome. What I suggest is is that you dare. Be brave again to feel and understand your sadness, While on the road to being authentic.

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  1. Hello, I loved what I read, I'm going through a difficult time, I'm very sad I everything goes wrong and the only thing that I think is about suicide, between Facebook and saw your message.

    Thank you very much for sharing this reading.

  2. I need it

  3. I am tired of so much struggle I feel I have no breath loneliness and disappointment

  4. I want to make me sink

  5. Putting it into practice is brave ,
    Act as if nothing happened is cheating


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