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Should your partner be your best friend?

Should your partner be your best friend?

There is an important difference between friendship and romantic love, but some of the ingredients in a friendship also usually in romantic relationships, and vice versa. From there you decide to consider the Relations between friendship and love couple, to know whether a couple should also be your best friend.


What are the differences between friendship and love?


While everyone is clear about what he feels for someone else, and can differentiate no problem if it comes to a romantic interest or simple friendship, in reality it is not so easy to differentiate these two relationships. However, I believe the following elements are clear:

  • A loving relationship is often exclusive, while you can have multiple friends at once.
  • The intensity the feeling of love is greater in a relationship than friendship.
  • The intimate relations, and your requirement, mutual physical attraction, They differentiate the relationship of friendship.
  • A couple has mostly plans in common, but respect each other's space.
  • Friendship often focus primarily on Fun times, while the relationship covers virtually all times of the day.
  • As usual, friendships are in the long run, a selection process involuntary. People move from simply known increasingly important friends as they are sharing more moments. Couples usually based on a initial attraction, that soon much about the two people, even when they not are known virtually nothing.


Should your partner be your best friend?


In my opinion, it is essential that there is a very strong friendship between the two people who make a couple. He never liked the term "best friend", because I do not think you can compare people, let alone the quality of the relationship with those people, However, it seems logical that proximity and knowledge, the couple eventually become the most important friendship of a person.

I especially emphasize one of the points I mentioned earlier and differentiates friends of couples: the fun. I think a mistake many couples is to forget this fundamental aspect of a friendship. Routine and everyday obligations can be occupying a lot of time together, but the fun is something you can never lose. Can you imagine having friends with whom never happen to do something entertaining? They would not be really friends. It's the same with the couple, We must be careful relationship with a good dose of fun.

But, watch out. Your partner should not be your only friend. You need to have other people around you, you will enrich the diversity of their personalities.

And of course, your partner is more than friendship. If fun is important, the Spice, the passion, attraction are also much, evidently.


Can a friendship become a couple?


There are many examples of friends who ended up falling in love. It is most common, because usually once a friendly relationship is established, is forgone the sexual component of the other person, in a manner somewhat similar to what happens between people of the same family. But friendship can be consolidated while the two individuals will step. Normally, is when there a lot of complicity, shared many interests and objectives, and there is a lot of confidence.

Therefore, The answer is yes, and is a kind of love relationship that has many advantages, because both people are well known and do not encounter difficulties with others when they open their eyes after the infatuation.

However, If you are reading this article because you like a friend or a friend, we must also be honest: it is rare that this interest is mutual. If you know a long time and the other person has not ceased to see anything Attraction, then chances are you are not interested. Because when two people want the same thing and spend a lot of time together, something occurs naturally.



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