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Give a fresh touch to your home decor with chic boho style

Give a fresh touch to your home decor with chic boho style

Does the boho chic defines you? Like dress with a hippie and bohemian air? If this is your favorite style when selecting the clothes you like, then you will also love that your house a bohemian and relaxed atmosphere breathe. Today we tell you how you can decorate a room deco chic to make it the most bohemian and fun room in the house boho.

Bohemian style or, as is often called deco boho chic, It is on the rise. Its unique environments are reflected in the best publications worldwide decoration. We also see that the guidelines that define it are adopted by a huge following.

Today we want to introduce you so you know a little more. You talk about the essential characteristics and How you can adopt and implement in your own home. You'll like it if you love to travel distant continents and colorful decoration fleeing minimalist environments and excessively white.

The sources of inspiration boho chic deco

Boho chic deco house has a well-defined sources of inspiration. Any of the bohemians environments finds inspiration remote parts of Asia, Africa or South America. This gives the interior an ethnic touch that is very nice, because it is warm and has color, and this is usually positive in any environment.

In the Bohemian interior travel memories charge a great relevance. They cease to be mere pieces complement to become one of the highlights of the decor. Also Artworks They are important in the boho chic deco style. A piece of art (better if other countries) It provides that cultural touch that looks so good in a house.

The importance of textiles

Textiles are one of the resources we can not miss when decorating an interior deco chic boho style. It is essential to choose them colorfully. If possible, It would be nice to have an exotic air and coming from other countries and cultures. So success is assured.

And, How not, of all the textiles, which take the palm are artisans tissues, full of embroidery and a traditional flavor that have not lost over time. Put some of these pieces and see what effect!

Ons for missing

When decorating a given space with the seal of boho chic deco style, it is best to start with selecting a centerpiece which will become the center of the interior. It can be a hand-painted furniture handmade oriental rug or ethnic spirit. The fact is that having sufficient strength decorative.

Around this central element we can go up the remainder of the decoration, based on add-ons, which they are the basis of style itself. We can use, In addition to the textiles of which we have spoken, ceramics (the boho received with open arms). Creates sets of objects that have something in common and enriches every corner.

Also they complements geometric designs They have in this decorative current an important role, whether they are printed on carpets, cushions, accessories, etc.

Do not forget the color

Cheerful, vibrant colors become an element that is very present in this style environments and will be great for your living room boho chic deco. I know that happens in many other decorative styles (except, Of course, sober minimalist style). However, boho chic deco has a special way of using color.

to get started, white and neutral shades have a very important role in boho chic deco environments. They serve as a perfect backdrop for other resources such as ethnic prints, floral motifs or romantic details.

Naturalness is a constant in this decorative style, so soft colors abound, earth tones and colors of nature, and the range of greens and blues.

Create your own haven of peace and tranquility with the boho chic deco

Beware of excess!

One of the greatest dangers that can happen when you are decorating a house boho chic deco style is fall into the variegation without realizing. Note that the line that separates the rich from the excessive is very thin and is easy to overdo. So go incorporating details sparingly, by standing to reflect whether or not cluttering ... Few people like overloaded environments where it seems to have trouble breathing!

The star pieces deco style boho chic boast a great decorative intensity. Sometimes no color is well put several things that compete in strength and. If you do you will realize that the environment has lost the freshness that characterizes bohemian style.

What mix well?

You want to have a house style boho chic deco does not mean you have to put in all rooms Moroccan tapestries, nor to fill the flowery sofa cushions. Or bet on folk inspiration furniture, hand painted and decorated with flowers.

To achieve a bohemian inspired house will have to soak up the style and learn to combine with other elements. It will mix all of which arises the resounding success.

Boho chic deco style is great in spaces white walls and ceilings, hosting as well color. Combine it with vintage details, industrial furniture, wrought iron elements or objects made of natural wood. All these materials and details will add a special touch to your home Bohemian. The most important thing is to get the end result is a reflection of your own personality. This part is very important. Let your personality is reflected in every corner, in every detail. If something you like, Do it yours!




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