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4 things that should not control your life

4 things that should not control your life

In the course of our lives we form us according to these same circumstances give us even coming to give control. Then our experiences and actions are subject to factors that give power and limit acotarnos.


4 things that should not control your life


Here are some of the things which we should not give control of our lives:


The fear


It is natural to feel, it is a system that helps us preserve our lives and puts us in safe positions, However, You must not let fear control you finish. We do not identify with our fears, they are the product of our mind in the least favorable level, tries to maintain its survival sacrificing anything, including our happiness.




Useless to go on forever carrying things that are not beneficial to him, if we have hurt, forgive, If we have made mistakes, Let us forgive and learn from them, If things did not go as we wanted, Let's face and let go of any limitation associated to the past.

control your life




Do not let anyone control your life. Control of our lives should only be in our hands, by right or wrong they are our decisions, they must always come from each of us. No one will live for us, so do not let anyone control us.


The money


Do not think of money as a goal. Money and prosperity are energies, are there waiting for you sync with it. Think from abundance and note that when you really want something no limitations to carry it out. Do not make your happiness depends on whether or not you have anything in your life.

Do not give control to anyone or anything, This life is yours and you do not need intermediaries place to live and less to be happy.


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