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9 things that cause pain to a man

9 things that cause pain to a man

Enough talk about the male is the stronger sex because he has confidence, High self-esteem and a heart "unfeeling"; But it is quite the opposite, there are things that men are very sensitive even slightly more than women, example, Love.


Discover the 9 things that hurt more a man


Women tend to be more expressive when both love as when suffering, instead men suffer more emotional level for a longer time; this because they must compete to replace what they have lost ", so says Craig Morris researcher at the University of Binghamton.


1. Let not need!


According to a study by the University of Nottingham, men experience panic and anxiety being an independent woman, It makes them feel "less" next.


2. Absence


That you are not present at important moments, example, graduation or holding a job increased.


3. Do you forget you present?


Whoever ignores when you find a relative or acquaintance in the street, It makes you feel insignificant.

The 9 things that hurt more a man


4. Damage your self-esteem.


Example, after a kiss mouth tell him not washed or smelly.


5. He does not apologize.


Example, when your partner does not apologizes after telling cruel or rude things when he was drunk.


6. economic ruin.


Currently one of the problems that cause depression in society are the decadences money, and that without stability in that factor other elements of life are damaged.


7. job failure.


When he starts a new job but it does not work according to your expectations can cause you reach frustration.


8. Complain when the show a real effort.


Many times he will not tell you anything, but you will experience a feeling of disappointment because you do not appreciate.


9. Turn off chat and hide states of Facebook.


This is a very childish attitude in them. Remember that telling the truth has nothing to hide.


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