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Tips for a boho chic wedding

Tips for a boho chic wedding

For some time this part of the weddings boho-chic trend and style are all but love us, Do you really know what lurks behind this type of wedding? Today I will talk about everything you should know before you start organizing a boho-chic wedding. We start at the beginning: describing it really is a wedding bohemia, hippie, lighthearted and natural. Because if, These adjectives that you just mentioned go hand in hand trend itself. Both the bride dress, as decoration, like flowers and / or menu, They have special characteristics so that everything is in perfect harmony.

So so you can organize a casual but stylish wedding, we've created a guide for you.

What exactly is a boho-chic wedding?

A Bohi or bohemian-chic wedding is characterized by a very fresh and informal wedding (What, especially flees protocols). A wedding where naturalness is one of the main characters and romance is felt by each of the corners.

maybe, one factor that characterizes this type of wedding has been the `causante'de this new trend: the slow movement. A move that enhances a simple style and without many pretensiones.De this way we could say that the wedding would Bohemian hand a simple decor (complemented by natural elements and very similar to the style of the couple); a cool and relaxed atmosphere (avoiding any kind of formalism label) and a pleasant atmosphere (where feelings flourish).

Where can we hold a boho chic wedding?

A super simple question: bohemian wedding features held in unexpected places and `inaceptables´ in the past such as the beach, the field, a stable, a garden, in the forest ... everything is possible. You can celebrate bohemian wedding where most want. That Yes, As you may have deduced, all sites have something in common: nature. So we could ensure that weddings prone boho-chic also characterized by outdoor held o, As minimum, Nature celebrate ceremony.

Having clear and the meaning of a bohemian wedding and on the basis that all revolves around a very alternative environment and unconventional, we must take into account both the bride dress, as decoration, like flowers and / or menu, They have special characteristics. Do you want us to explore a little more on them?

Let the whole world impressed with your own boho chic wedding


How is a wedding dress boho wedding?

We start by Bride Dress, What, definitely, It will also be one of the protagonists. A bohemian girlfriend always tends to wear a dress vaporoso, fresh, I lighthearted, simple... and designed by dressmakers who will close the personalized touch to each dress to make it unique.

I mean, one boho bride looking for a kind of dress in which you feel comfortable and, both, identify with him.

Boho hairstyle girlfriend

If the dress is one of the protagonists of your wedding, You must not overlook either leave your hair. You know how to identify lI hairstyles boho-chic weddings? They are hairstyles, like the dress, very lighthearted, with Unstructured collected, hippies and unconventional. Among them we can emphasize the messy bun, `a trend that is also used daily and is characterized by `collected waste as we usually do to be at home with unmade textures and desenfadadas. They are comfortable and fresh while flattering. I mean, ideal for a bride who avoids feeling disguised and flees from polished and lacquered textures'He tells Juan Carlos de Oui brides.

Among the highlights hairstyles can include twisted; the triple pigtail; low collected and even her hair. hairstyles closely related to our ideal.

How is a bouquet of an informal wedding?

To complement the look of the bride, the bouquet of flowers You must be consistent with the vaporous dress. Bouquets Bohemian brides are characterized by fresh, delicate and asilvestrados shooting striking shades.

peonies, roses, dalias, cardos, chrysanthemums and green ..., much like the olive green, La Mata, eucalyptus, etc. In addition, These flowers can be accompanied by different items like feathers or fruits.


No, we have not forgotten boyfriend. He is also the star of the wedding so your look will have to go according to everything named: a informal and relaxed style, fleeing from classic suits jacket. The boho-chic boyfriend tends to wear a dress in the style of their daily. Are you a guy who wears Chinese and shirt? Do Also at your wedding! skinny jeans; collarless shirts; American clamp pants ... Everything is valid as long as you do not feel in disguise. Remember it is your day and most importantly feel comfortable.


Wedding decoration also plays an important role. While all have to breathe a natural and fresh air, corners you prepare to decorate your big day should follow this same line. Put yourself in situation: You clearly a floaty dress; your hair is a light-hearted character and your headdress is the subtlest ... Do you think that would combine a baroque decoration full of accessories and much ostentation? We agree that there, isn't it?

The bohemian wedding decoration follows the line of the space in which we celebrate and only highlights those points that lack finesse. To do this you can prepare a corner to chill out style where guests can relax and enjoy live music; a corner with little romantic details (and can be photographs they make you remember your beautiful times or even a signature book in which guests can leave you their best wishes) or a more lighthearted and fun area where you can enjoy a nice chat. Even if you do not look with courage to ride it yourself ... have you thought about the possibility of including a wedding planner on your big day?

The ceremony

As to the ceremony, Always prepare it outdoors. As background the backdrop (right behind you where you situéis, the couple) you can decorate with macramé; with very diaphanous fabrics with a bow or even natural flowers. *Note: we recommend you always count on a professional florist to everything look perfect.

The table decorations

But not only the decoration of the ceremony is important but should also think about decoration tables Your wedding. Following the Bohemian style, the tables are arranged so imperial (a long table with diners sitting face to face) or tables few diners if the wedding is more intimate; `desnudas´(mantelería lack or failing with some very filmy fabric tablecloth); with natural floral centerpieces and somewhat asalvajados or irritated and candles to give that warm spot that we like at weddings.

In addition, Being a somewhat informal wedding, you can add a more personal touch to your table with a manicured minutes following the harmony of the whole decoration. As for table numbers ... do you dare to create them yourself? Because this is another feature of boho-chic weddings: the handmade or 'do your mismo'.

Boho chic invitationsIf the minutes of the board have to follow the harmony of the wedding, What about invitations? As we've already discussed on many occasions, Invitations are the first visual contact with your guests about your wedding. Are you going to miss the chance to catch them and let them guess how it will be your big day?

A bohemian invitation It tends to be simple but carefully. With a heavy paper and very little ostentatious. You can opt for handmade invitations and drawn with watercolor; written invitations by hand or with a design handletering or invitations that complement any item you use in decorating wedding (like a feather or a flower).

The lighthearted cake

And to top, at any party, the wedding event that tercie, a good cake always puts the icing, isn't it? Well for a boho-chic wedding you will have to start thinking about a simple but elegant tart, those that remove the hiccup. For this you can opt for a nacked cake (pastel `desnudo') decorated with wild fruits or flowers; ethnic and geometric motifs cake; a simpler cake complemented with feathers or drip cake with some coverage raspberry. Can you begin to make your mouth water? Discover in our provider directory ideal for such companies cakes.


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