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3 Tips to improve after bottoming

3 Tips to improve after bottoming

Who has not had the feeling bottoming ever? And is that at some point, life gives us mental challenges, emotional and physical often topple us. But what can follow after bottoming? The worst thing would stand there and not seek way out, the other option left is only back up.

You've probably been through this more than once and have learned out of it emerging like a phoenix, but as you all know human being can fall again.

In this situation you can not let fear stop you from impound and you live in a bubble encerrándote. This is bad for you because you'll end up again bottoming.

Here we leave 3 Tips so you can out of the doldrums after bottoming out and Back to your day gladly.




Learn from past experiences


If you're reading this it's probably because you're about to feel that you are bottoming, If you have not already done.

And you know that what looks like a bottomless pit with a plummeting, actually it does have an end.

Do not be ashamed everything bad you've been because that will help you better understand and apply the following suggestions:

Do not repress your pain. Do not repress what you feel, so is pain, IRA, anger, Rage, let these feelings flow, provided they do not become attached to them.

Look no solutions, looking not guilty, Do not think about taking action. Contrary to what may seem, those emotions do not devour, but will pass and leave you free.


Looking for a time to reflect


data a time to reflect what you've lived, to understand how it has affected you. Once you've let the emotions flow, it is time to start to ease your mind and lighten your heart.

Do not use the reflection time to blame but to forgive us and make positive choices that make us stronger. Take all the time you need, It is not fast process.

Only a profound reflection that resulted in a lesson learned is what will help you out of the hole.


Seeks your mind flow


Erroneously some people sit to think about their problems without seeking any way to fix them.

To exit hole, instead of mulling over things, it is best to find an activity that allows our mind flow. Creative activities, music, exercise or meditation give us the opportunity to pop out harmful and saturated space in which we are to move to a new stage and return with renewed energy.


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