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Tips for your first yoga session

Tips for your first yoga session

Are more people that know what is yoga and the benefits. With this discipline can be found both relaxation and inner peace, something very necessary today, with the pace of life we. Therefore we want to give you a few tips for your first yoga session.


What you must not forget in your first yoga session


To do different exercises and postures, it is necessary to have comfortable clothes, preferably that is not too tight, to allow freedom of movement. Many may not become the first day, but it is important to those who made themselves properly.

Before making a yoga session It is recommended to eat something light. You should never go after a hearty meal, It is impossible to do the right thing. Opt for light products and it is preferable to stay with a little hunger. If there is more hunger, You can enjoy a meal after the yoga class.

It is normal for a first touchdown have many doubts. For this reason, It is logical that what is not known is consult the monitor. It is important that before the class reports you of your ailments and health status to avoid any asana which can not be.

He or she will take it into account and will be responsible for choosing you to what are the best positions that you should take. If you are left with many doubts, You should not interrupt the class, the best is to leave questions for the end.

Remember that classes are not a competition and the bodies are not all equal. You must be aware of what your limitations are and let them know to monitor, teacher or guide. It will help you to do it as best as possible, never force your body to the Max.

Do you feel like your first class?


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