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Tips to meditate and focus

Tips to meditate and focus

If you spend many hours sitting, is likely that your capacity of meditate and concentrate go to decrease muscle tension. Here we recommend 5 stretching exercises you can do at your work or home and that will help you to retrieve the concentration.

Meditate and focus

  1. Moving head:
  • You turn your head sideways until your chin is the height of your shoulder. It remains a minute on each side and slowly returns to the Center
  • You turn your head back and remains on a minute, then slowly return to the Center and get the same movement forward (It's loose head and not to tighten the neck). It returns to the Center
  1. Movement of shoulders:
  • Shrugs up to the ears and support by 10 seconds, then release relaxing tension
  • Place the tip of your fingers on the shoulders and spins elbows in circles hold you
  • Loose hands and make circles with your shoulders forward and backward
  1. Movement of hands:
  • Open hand and spread your fingers as much as you can, remains by 10 seconds and then relax
  • With the clenched fist tour slowly wrists trying to move little arm but do not generate tension. Do it slowly and to both sides
  • Interlace your fingers and move your hands from right to left
  1. Back movement:
  • Sit in a comfortable position with your feet touching the floor and your back straight but without tension. It stretches the back and slowly rotates clockwise without moving the hip
  • Returns and repeats the movement but now to the left
  • Place your left arm on the right knee and slowly rotates, remain a few seconds there
  • Returns and repeats the movement but now with the right hand resting on the left knee
  1. Thrash:
  • Sit comfortably with your back straight and feet touching the floor. Stretch your legs to the front by 5 seconds and relax
  • Again stretches the legs but this time unites your heels and make circles to the right and to the left
  • Repeats the previous movement but instead of circles get tip and flex several times


All exercises they can be repeated How many times you like. It is important to make slow movements so you don't hurt yourself and take care of your breath.


The State of continuous meditation comes after much practice. When you get used to breathe calmly, to stop wanting a sense for all that you do and be grateful with what you have, then you will be in a permanent state of meditation.

Don't forget you can be sitting to meditate, lying or even walking down the street. Meditate refers to a State of being where the mind idle speed and everyday complexity.

We bring you some advantages reach the State of continuous meditation:


  • Studies show that when meditating brain increases the activity of his left frontal lobe, region associated with positive emotions.
  • By meditating more serotonin is produced (substance that controls depression).
  • Meditate regulates blood pressure.
  • Meditation reduces stress and leads to a State of calm that reduces anxiety.
  • The State of continuous meditation improves creativity and spontaneity as the mind enters a State of consciousness where neurons work faster.
  • Your motivation will grow well with continuous meditation you will be able to rethink the interests that exist behind your own actions, discovering why you do what you like.
  • At the time of meditation your body regenerates energy that was spent during the day's activities.
  • The body get relax tensions and relieve pain.
  • Also develop your consciousness will help you improve your memory.
  • Meditation leads to gratitude. The State of continuous meditation changes the perspective of reality and slowly the love becomes a motivator agent.
  • Meditation clarifies the confusion that surround us every day. Not because the mind stop working, but because you will learn to focus only on your self.

The virtues of meditation are many, but without doubt the better it make the experience real and personal. We invite you to meditate and to tell us your own experience, What changes you feel in your daily life after meditating?

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  1. Very feliztranquilidad and peace with myself and the demas✨✨✨

  2. Me encanta el estado de meditaciones ideal para conseguir una paz interior


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