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Believe in yourself

Believe in yourself

Self confidence is what do you need to start the path that will take you to get what you want. There is no greater safety or greater level of trust that you bring yourself. If not give that step, If you do not trust, you have nothing to do.

Some believe that if do not hire you, they do not listen to him, don't applaud him or do not trust is because I embarrassed or because when it comes to the truth it invades the stage fright. But that is not the case. Is the lack of self-confidence which causes that fear, that shame.


You need to believe in yourself


Confidence in oneself is vital.

Think of how many things have stopped for not trusting that you were able to do, at least, try, How many opportunities have you missed, How many roads without travel. However, doubts, Are you scared, feel complexes. And that you do suffer life rather than live it.

For that you need to believe in yourself. Because while others do it, It will not be valid if you do not start your first. It of no use to tell you how much worth if you do not believe your first. And for this, you have to think about yourself and discover you. You have both saved there inside.

It is never late to pick up the reins.

It is a complex learning process, but it is possible to learn to believe in yourself. Then, We offer you a few simple strategies that will help you in the task start to believe in yourself and start earning trust and safety. With them you will discover everything you had hidden.

self confidence


1 -Be aware of the self confidence you can learn


If you're not aware that you can learn to trust yourself you won't get it. It is the same thing that study a language. Do you empezarías to study Chinese if you were not convinced we can achieve this? If you start to learn something it's because you trust that you can do it. If no trust won't get nothing. If you think you can be that either, but you have not denied you the opportunity to try.

The self confidence you can learn, don't forget it. With hard work and training you can get it, just have to try it. Remember that you not risk not wins and there is no more beautiful gesture that risk to grow ourselves.


2 -Battle your negative inner self


We all have an inner voice that reminds us of our limitations, our fears, that reproduces all the criticism that we store in childhood and adolescence. That inner self-criticism that you face and reaffirm you. Remember that you decide, not that voice that accumulates toxic experiences.

Our inner critic can be very severe for his great ability to induce guilt, but you can also cope and be brave, Recalling that it is nothing more than a Repeater of those messages from your childhood. Face it and softens the inner voice that you take inside.


3 -Turn your weaknesses into strengths


Turn a weakness into a strength requires some degree of creativity, but it is possible. Is more, If you convert your weaknesses into strengths it is easy that you find yourself with a new and incredible opportunity. Remember every error, every difficulty and every obstacle that presents, they can be great engines of opportunities and continuous learning.


4 -Discover your true potential


One of the reasons why many people do not believe in themselves is because they have not been able to explore their concerns and develop their passions or they have done without the support and approval of others. Get rid of this limitation and explores what are your talents, see where lies your true power.

Embark on the adventure of doing what you always wanted and didn't, start the idea that one day stayed on only sketch or the plan that you dreamed but never came to enjoy. Discover your qualities, your talents, your lights and begins to expand them.


5 -Become your own coach


You don't need anyone who come to cheer you, to cheer you up or remind you that you can. A little help does not hurt, but You must learn to be self reliant and emotionally independent. All what you need to hear can tell it yourself in the mirror.

Instead of verbally abusing you starts to treat you with affection and illusion. Love you and motivate you. Send you positive and optimistic messages, you serve as reinforcement because there is nothing better than to speak well to one's self. It was contempt and autorreproches, begins to empower you.


6 -In your mind, become the superhero that you want to be


Superhero, Superstar, Sauerkraut... anything goes. Imagine that you are what you want to become, that you have achieved your goals, that no loads with the limitations that make it difficult for you to achieve your dream. Dress your superhero costume and you'll be a superhero, because you act as such. You just have to believe it.

Your attitude will change to others and will protect you from limiting criticisms. Viriras forward, with a target, and you can have marked a course. But Remember that your superhero costume is a costume, but a second skin. Make it yours, you feel that you belong and identify yourself with it.


7 -Empower you


Create a powerful vision of yourself. Trust in yourself and your abilities. The true self confidence comes from the development of a positive and empowered autovision. Sit down, close your eyes and feel your inner power, that fire that you loads of energy and will allow you to achieve your goals.


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