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How to have better control of the money and good fortune

How to have better control of the money and good fortune

It is not entirely clear how our society reached a point where the axis of culture ended up being better control of money.

Obviously there are agendas that come in the money a energy flow, control and power, and that driven by a complex strategy or circumstantial voracity, they have promoted for centuries a political model, social and cultural that it privileges the money over anything else. But even taking this into account, the answer seems still vague.


Better control of money


Fortunately, with the arrival of the new Breeze of conscience, This accumulation of concepts and precepts that underscore the terrible elections that as a society we have taken for already a long time, more and more people question the nature of money and its real value in our lives.

However, and in contrast to alternative premises that condemn per are money, It is apparently not quarrel with him or deny its role, fate of reprogramming our relationship and understand it differently within the cultural reality.

In the end the money is not good or bad by definition, originally it is a neutral tool on which we have been deposited some information.

better control of money


Playing to do magic with money (and vice versa)


One of the most fun in recent decades and restless minds, Robert Anton Wilson, It combined in the numerous books published a mix of personal anecdotes, scientific postulates, metaphysical premises, Magic and refined humour. Author of memorable works, including The Illuminatus! Trilogy (1975) He invited always to doubt provisions and forge, each, our own “reality tunnel”. How? Consciously practicing the materialization of a belief, I mean, giving it has that reality is what we believe that it is - and if this apply it to will then stage can become as much fun as interesting.

Wilson was a relentless promoter of experiencing reality from playing with our beliefs. His proposal was always seasoned with a touch of something as well as “Quantum humor” -trait that luckily out it from the traditional rhetoric of the new age. And this line, proposes in his book Prometheus Rising (1999) a humorous magic exercise, but with potential to be quite effective, to manifest money in your life. It's a game that could not only help your personal finances but also to prove that, as said Wilson, “The world is not governed by logic and facts objectives but by belief systems“.


Mental exercise:


  1. It displays vividly a coin and then imagine, also vividly, you're going to find one in the street. Then, whenever you leave to walk, looking for that while continuing currency showing it. It records how long it takes to find it.
  2. Explain the above experiment through the hypothesis of the “selective attention” (assuming that there are many coins in the street and you find one because you were constantly looking for it). Then look for a second currency.
  3. Now explain the experiment through the alternative hypothesis, the Mystic, that is to say that our mind controls everything. You believe that you did that currency is manifested in the universe. Then look for a second currency.
  4. Compare while taking you to find the second currency following the first hypothesis (attention) that you take following the second hypothesis (mind over matter).
  5. From your own ingenuity, invent similar experiments and always compare two theories - ’ selective attention’ (coincidence) vs ‘ the mind controls everything’ (telekinesis).
  6. It avoids reaching any definitive conclusion prematurely. After 1 month re-reads this, think again and keeps postponing a dogmatic conclusion. Remember that it is possible that you do not even know anything and you might have something to learn.

It is likely that after this exercise end up concluding that the second hypothesis, the ‘ Mystic ’, is the correct. And is that if we observe more sensitive than dogmatic way, the reality is quite close to a dance of intentions during which, those lighter, they end up shaping much of the dancefloor. But the genius of Wilson is that it is not there, but against all expectation misticoide at the end reminds us that either of the two hypotheses are potential dogmas and more healthy, and most ‘ real ’, simply be not married with no.

In which to manifest money referred to in, Perhaps this playful experiment will help you to realize that an important part of what is at stake depends on yourself, the way in which you programs to interact with reality (and therefore in the form in which you end up programming it). You can really attract money, Although it should be noted that this will be a minor honeys you will have at your disposal if you start to take charge of your way and what happens.

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