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How to sit in zen meditation

How to sit in zen meditation

The zen meditation usually do sitting (Zazen) a technique that is easy to learn but it can take quite master it. For that we need a silk or thick pad, a zabuton or sheet folded to sit and a quiet area where not to bother nobody.

Prepare for zen meditation

We will start stretching ourselves, that will help us avoid aches and pains due to static or sitting for long periods of time. Never come bad stretches before sit in the front half of the cushion that we have chosen for this practice.

We will place the legs in the position that we can maintain more stability and that is most comfortable such as Burman, On your knees, full Lotus, half Lotus or the Chair among others.

We will try to focus the column and stretch well, by aligning our head, which should not tip over to nowhere, the tip of the nose should be centered with the navel, the ears with the shoulders and Chin should hide a little.

The eyes should not be nor close or open completely, only in a small angle of 45 °. The mouth and lips should close them, place the tip of the tongue against the palate and remove the air to create a lightweight vacuum, which inhibit salivation.

The hands have to adopt the position of the cosmic mudra, I mean, the right hand with the palm up and left up right, with the knuckles of the Middle overlap.

Sitting in Zen meditation

To finish, You must make sure that the entire body is completely comfortable before meditation given that throughout the process, you have to be so static as we can.

To finish, Once the meditation is over there to remain as calm as possible and slowly out of the stance taken.


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