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How do you know if you are interested in?

How do you know if you are interested in?

It is easy to say words, because they say that the words are gone with the wind and there is no better way to communicate something, Without speaking, that what gestures. Already because lgestures beyond the control aware of most of the people. Why they reveal the most authentic of what we have inside.

So there is no better way to identify if someone is interested by gestures. Meet some gestures that betray.


The eyes

Although it is a gesture that happens in seconds, but always presents a man in front of a woman who likes. slightly raises his eyebrows and eyelids open when he sees. You will see this expression only if you are very careful, as it is usually fast.


The lips

It is also a brief gesture. When a man faces a woman who attracts her mouth slightly open it. Is, according to the popular language says, like you stay "bowled over"". Of course, This is not an exaggerated expression or continuous.


The posture

If you attract a man it will try to look a little straighter in your presence. Will release a little chest and adopt an attitude like I was showing off.



Inadvertently, the man who likes you unconsciously reflect what floats their fantasies, so it is likely to touch cheeks, ears, or beard as a way of expressing their desire to be cherished. He also will speak with a more serious and strong tone to look more manly.


exploratory looks

If you attract a man will look you in great detail face, you will notice from head to toe when you stand up. It will also be very aware of what you're wearing or movement of your hands.


Clothes hampers him

If he likes you and think you sexually, most likely to play with the buttons on his shirt, with his tie or put anything that brings up.


More than kindness

If man is interested in you usually be more chivalrous than usual bit. For example, will take lightly the elbow to guide you to get somewhere. You can also put your hand on the curve of your back when walking at your side. As if you were to escape and he held you. These gestures are signs that definitely likes you. And a lot.



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