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Ideas to win back your partner

Ideas to win back your partner

Sometimes we realize that our relationship has lost its way, no longer it makes us feel as good as it used to be or simply in recession.

When we feel we are close to the person we love and that despite having differences, problems or misunderstandings, is with whom we share our lives, It needs to take some actions that arouse interest and rekindle love before reaching a point of no return.


Here are some tips that you can apply when you want to win back your partner


Reconquístate yourself, just being good about ourselves manage to make you feel good to whoever is near us.


Keep in mind the things which you think you should be with your partner


Often with the daily routine, everyday problems, etc. We do not remember why we decided to be with someone and maybe it's getting late when we put in balance the positive and the negative to be with that person.


Rate your partner and make know


Valuation to our partner is one of the cornerstones of a relationship, recognize what that person does in life is fundamental and let them know the make you feel great.


Think positive your partner and the relationship


When a couple has problems is very common to hear one or both parties speaking ill of the relationship or the other person, begins to remove comments and thoughts negative, as this will attract more of the same.


Invest your resources in your partner


Love is easy to be routed to where our energies placed.

Where we invest our time, our thoughts, our money, to go beyond our feelings.


Free yourself from negative past


Do not use the past to damage the relationship problems or situations remembering that debilitated. Unlike, if they are to make use of the past, it is to remember the positive things that led them to be together today.




Here is the time to use your imagination to do things that can make the relationship possible monotony, is it act in any field in order to innovate, You can plan a surprise trip, a practice some extreme sports or just surprise him with a romantic evening.


Forget the hackneyed "Forever"


This generates many of us unconsciously psychological pressure that we can not handle and end up autosabotear our relationships, either because we are in a cage where we can not go anymore, because that usually means enduring unbearable or because we value things more quantity than quality.

Always we make mistakes, always we have things to improve or correct, but we must bear in mind that the only way to see changes in our partner or our environment in general is changing ourselves.


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