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How to create our own terrarium

How to create our own terrarium

Increasingly more people create green spaces in your garden to relax from the stress of day to day. Even so, many people does not have Garden since they live in a flat, they are in the middle of the city, etc. To do this you teach to create your own green space thanks to terrariums.

How to create our terrarium

To make a terrarium, the first thing that must be taken is one or more containers of glass deep enough in order to allow the growth of the roots of the plants chosen. They must always be well washed and make sure that it does not contain bacteria before starting work on them. That can be prevented using antibacterial soap.

Also it is necessary to count with light Earth and with much drainage. This can be mixed with vermiculite in a proportion of 3 to 1. Other important elements are the stones or gravel that will collaborate with the drainage, for this reason they must be small. We need also with activated carbon, you will be responsible to maintain fresh ground, especially if the container does not have a hole to drain the water. Also, It must be MOSS to absorb the excess water. And finally, furnishing, as pebbles of colors, snails, etc.

Almost all plants can be used for a terrarium. If you want to make a garden combining more than one species, you have to choose those that are similar characteristics and they grow well together. Classic plants used in a terrarium are ferns, mosses, Succulents, Succulents and cacti. Is recommended that keep girls and plants that do not grow above the terrarium. Also those who prefer the shade, Since being in a glass container have to be tolerant to low light levels. You must be aware that within these containers the humidity levels they are high, Therefore, the plants must be tolerant to this environment.

Step by step


Once the Bowl clean, mixing gravel or rock with a generous amount of the base activated carbon. Then add a layer of MOSS which will prevent the Earth leaking into gravel, and it will act as a sponge to absorb excess irrigation water. MOSS also has the function of separating the layer of gravel of the Earth, avoiding water that drains and accumulates in the gravel is in contact with the ground since this can get to rot the plant.

The Earth is then placed, already loose and mixed with vermiculite. Depending on the size of the terrarium and the length of the roots of plants, are put between 5 cm and 7,5 cm. It crushed gently to eliminate air pockets and level the surface, small holes are then made to place the plants.

The chosen plants should be removed from its original container and shake them so that the roots are free and then carefully placed in the pits. Once planted, Adds decoration and is watered slightly.




For long-lasting plants in good health, the terrarium should be placed in suitable locations, where to give indirect light. To be interior gardens, they must have a constant temperature, where there are drafts or extreme heat no, away from conditioners.

Maintenance are simple: as the species is occasionally watered, between once a week and once a month in the case of the cactus. The plants should be checked to see if they are healthy, or if there is presence of fungi or diseased plants, in which case it is recommended to remove them. You should also remove wilted or old parts.

Some more recommendations: Tropical plants work best since they are used to the humidity and also are beautiful because they are very colorful. Usually closed terrariums are much easier to maintain. Many plants start to grow sprouts or leaves. With those materials new terrariums can begin. They are always an object useful to decorate and a highly original gift.


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