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Activate the third chakra

Activate the third chakra

Of the seven chakras of the body, the third is the power energy Center, the will, coordination and sense of control. Its color is yellow, It is located between the navel and solar plexus, and it has a close relationship with the force that drives us to act.

The third chakra is that connects us with our internal power source, the last going off on the death of a person, and which is related to the activity and the mental body.

activate the third chakra


The chakra of the goals and achievements


You can call it third Chakra, the of the Solar Plexus, Center of power or Manipura (brilliant gem); what you should not is to forget. It is the chakra that radiates and distributes energy to all parts of the body; the chakra of the goals and achievements, which deals with energy and vitality.

Powered by the fire of the solar plexus, This chakra is associated with adrenal glands and kidneys. It is governed by the element of fire, and coordinates and develops the sense of sight, as well as metabolic and digestive processes.

The third chakra is the force that drives you to act and completing the visualizations that you have in your life. It relates to the power and control, but also with the freedom, Trust, the ease of being oneself and the role that each of us is identified.

He is in charge of the will, the ego and the individuality. It symbolizes, In addition, passionate awareness and dynamism.


Committed to your health


To learn how to activate the third chakra, before you know what influences, If you need to bring into line it and to what extent.

The third of the energy centers, like everyone else, It affects different parts of our body and mind. It is therefore important to be fully harmonised. If it is not, our health may be affected. Diabetes, problems of digestion or view, fever, Eczema, sunburn, ulcers, bad breath and body odor are some of the physical problems derived from its energy imbalance.

But our physical health is not the only one who suffers: emotions are also part of the. Fears, greed, depression, low self-esteem, lack of motivation, distrust or unhappiness are some of the consequences of not having properly activated third chakra.

There are many ways to achieve a rich and full of health life. When we're all healthy we live better, because health is the pillar of our happiness. But it always seems to be something that prevents us from being completely happy.

Harmonise the chakras is another way to achieve a full and full of well-being life. If you need security, you have constant anger, often doubt everything, your shyness is excessive, you are afraid to loneliness or they assail you constantly feelings of insecurity will surely need to harmonize the third chakra. The same goes if you suffer from diabetes, disorders of digestion, ulcers or lack of energy in general.

tercer chakra


How to activate the third chakra?


To balance the power of the chakra Manipura is recommended to sunbathing, breathing through the diaphragm and the display through the solar plexus.

One of the most effective ways of activating it is with relaxation. You focus and take a deep breath from the womb to the chest, and then exhale to casting out the bad feelings.

One of the ways to harmonize it is based on music. The third chakra is activated with fiery rhythms. Orchestral music is perfect for that because of the harmony between the many sounds that are present. To reassure him, on the other hand, It is recommended to listen to relaxing music, quiet and uniform time.

Solar plexus energy centre can also intensify through chromatherapy operation. In this case, with the color that represents this chakra: clear and sunny yellow. This color speeds up nerve activity, and not only encourages contact with other persons, but that it also helps to mitigate the sense of inner fatigue. Did you know, In addition, that it promotes physical and mental digestion?

On the other hand there are who prefers to harmonize the third chakra through the gem therapy.

Coral and yellow Sapphire are some of the stones listed for this, but they are not the only.

Tiger's eye enhances visual acuity, It helps to recognize the mistakes and sharpens the understanding.

The golden yellow Topaz strengthens and stimulates the entire body, but also brings greater awareness, joy and liveliness; In addition to eliminating feeling heavy and turbid.

The citrine transmits welfare, Security and trust, He brings fullness and provides support for the achievement of the objectives; In addition to eliminating toxins, activate the blood and enhance nerve activity.

Aromatherapy is one of the ways we have to activate Manipura chakra. Lemon is one of the scents to activate it, but not the only.

Lavender has a sedative and relaxing effect on our third chakra, and its soft vibrations aid in the dissolution and processing of stagnant emotions.

The essence of Rosemary has a stimulating effect, It helps to overcome laziness and encourages the disposition to act.

And bergamot, with its fresh and Lemony aroma, power our vital energies, aside from give us trust and confidence in ourselves.

There are many ways to activate the third chakra, only you have to find which suits you and your needs.

You think that when the third chakra is balanced, it improves our self-esteem, We fully respect the others, and we become relaxed, insurance, spontaneous and expressive. The challenges, In addition, become good companions.

If your third chakra is well tuned you own and clear opinions about life, Love, happiness, policy, the fear... Your self-esteem will be balanced, and your mind will be clear to face life.

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