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How to open the fifth Chakra

How to open the fifth Chakra

You ever felt like formed you a lump in the throat when you want to say something and not say?.

The throat is where this the fifth chakra. Although it is quite possible that you've heard of the chakras I will make a brief introduction about what are chakras.

The word chakra means wheel and they are energy centers you have a direct and profound effect on our lives.

They affect our perceptions, feelings and decisions.

The fifth chakra is the one that is associated with the throat, including the neck, the shoulders, the mouth, nose and ears.

And it is the gateway between the mind and the heart, is where your authentic voice.

It is the center of language, the knowledge and the ability to communicate effectively.

It represents the power and impact of the word.

When this chakra is unbalanced not you communicate from your essence, from your truth.

This can be translated in shyness, voice problems, fear of the opinions and external judgements.

And physical level can have throat problems, neck, thyroid, ears and nose.

While if is the word balanced dominas and your communication is inspiring and franca, without fear of criticism or censure.


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Symptoms of a closed throat chakra


A person with problems of the throat chakra, manifest:

  • Difficulty to express themselves verbally.
  • Likely learning problems.
  • Tendency to lie and exaggerate.
  • Fear and anxiety about the purpose of life.
  • Tendency to judge and discriminate.
  • Low self-esteem or arrogance.
  • Tendency to be competitive or dependent.
  • Recurrent infections of the throat or ear.
  • Possible complications such as cancer of the thyroid or throat.


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How to open the fifth chakra


  • Singing

    The simple act of singing connects you with you. Don't tell me that it is not releasing when you sing loudly in the shower or in the car.

    To make the effect more you can sing a mantra. Try to sing SAT NAM What means the truth is you.

    1. Sit in silence
    2. Close your eyes and put your attention on the third eye (located in between the eyebrows)
    3. Profudamente inhale and exhale sings Sat Nam. Sat Nam singing, lengthens the Sat, make it long and end with a short Nam: Â â â â t Nam SA

    Sing this mantra among 3 and 5 minutes every day. You use this tool to open the fifth chakra and connect with your truth.

  • Neck rotations

    This exercise is very easy and you can do it anywhere.

    1. Close your eyes and start turning your head as if you wanted to draw an eight with your Chin.
    2. It takes your Chin toward the left shoulder.
    3. Hence follows the arc of the clavicle with the Chin until it touches the right shoulder.
    4. Now straighten your head, aligning it with the back.
    5. Continuous drawing the eight, performs the same movement but is neck going backwards with the Chin going by air.


    The key is to accompany the movement with respiration. Inhale when Chin touches the left shoulder and exhale when you touch your right shoulder.

    Performs the movement 26 times. Make it soft and breathing through the nose.


    To pay your attention to the movement and on the number of times you repeat it, you get to keep your mind away from the bombardment of thoughts.

    You will also notice as tension in the neck.


  • Dog breath

    1. Sit with your mouth open, stick out your tongue (When the doctor wants you to look at the throat) and it begins to breathe through the mouth as a dog does when it has heat. Breathing fast and deep bringing attention to the diaphragm and the movement of the navel.
    2. It pumps the navel with the breath. When you inhale and when you exhale Gets.
    3. After a minute and a half make the sound more guttural


    Keep this breathing during 3 minutes.

    Dog breath will help your body and your fifth chakra to eliminate toxins, as well as to eliminate fears allowing you to get your authentic voice.


  • Surround yourself with blue.
  • Work yourself by listening to someone every day.
  • Tell the truth.
  • Rub in the area or put in a censer aceitesde Lavender, Sandalwood, eucalyptus and Tangerine.
  • Used as sapphire crystals, Lapis lazuli, Turquoise and Sodalite blue.
  • Repeated statements such as, "I am the truth", "The truth of manifest through me", "I am the creative force", "I Express easy and eloquently", "I express my divine essence every moment".
  • It takes a kind of debate or public speaking.
  • Create a diary where you write descriptively your emotions experienced that day.
  • Practice meditation and visualization with images of blue energy surrounds and flowing through the neck and throat.


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