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5 Keys to overcoming a Failure Sentimental

5 Keys to overcoming a Failure Sentimental

Who has not suffered any occasion a Sentimental failure? We're not just talking about those moments when we have abandoned or betrayed. There are relationships, for reasons that are, They are doomed from the start unless, not stay.

different interests, Lack of compromise, communication difficulties, high jealousy, etc. Sometimes love is not enough to maintain a relationship. We all know. But ... Is there an effective formula to overcome this suffering as soon as possible? The answer is no, each of us need a particular process by which, go out, go forward every day to overcome and heal wound that, without a doubt, It will help us long term, to be a little wiser, more cautious and better skills.

Let's talk today of 5 best strategies What, definitely, They will help you overcome failure.


1. Mourn it needed, live loneliness and expressing anger


Think about a sentimental failure as grief you must experience every person who has lost someone. All are losses, and therefore we live them through the relevant stages, I mean, there will be a first phase of misunderstanding, another rage, another assumption of reality, where there must be tears and the need for solitude, until little by little, we will accept the situation, to overcome.

Some people choose to "not think about it", who refuses even to accept this break and there are those who just limited to store "anger". But it is a mistake, all that is hidden at the end ails us, and if you only store dedicated to rage, we hardly'll open to new relationships in a healthy way.


2. Find another couple immediately: big mistake


Sure you have the typical friend to see you sad or defeated by your love failure, that tells of "Go out with me tonight that I'm going to introduce someone"". It has not been even a week and I encourage us to seek a new partner.

Is this the most appropriate? Generally not. We all need a time of "internal reconstruction", of adaptation. If we start immediately a new relationship most likely to fall into the mistake of comparing, remember too, Fears of evidence, diffidence ... Give yourself time!

Sentimental failure


3. Do not lock yourself at home, seeks an occupation


Once past the duel, that phase of rage, tears and interior redesign, it is suitable that focalices your life in new areas. If you work on it and center yourself looking also moments of leisure. Do sports, writes, creates, walks ...

The important thing is to realize that life goes on and that you can wrap yourself in new occupations which, be happy. Any activity alleviates and lets you set distances, To discover new things, and above all, move along.


4. Failure is not a defeat


A sentimental failure It is not a personal defeat. It is a stage in your life that you have learned, part of your life learning and as such, you must assume. You are more than that relationship, you are a person with a right to be happy and learning things. a rejection, a hoax, a loss or disappointment, are issues to overcome but should not Determine.

You are a person able to advance, it adapts and learns from all adversity resilient, and it deserves, definitely, be happy. Love is something that is always worthwhile and enriching us, You have the right to live it again, It is a little wiser.


5. You are the protagonist of your life, you whom you care above all


Failures hurt, They hurt us and leave us marks. However, You should be aware that nothing in this life is eternal, life runs, it escapes, It flows like a river or water that slips through our fingers. Therefore, the most important thing in life is you and your ability to make you happy. To enjoy every day, either alone or in pairs.

Life is full of windows that are closed to bring new doors to which you lean out. You are the protagonist of your life, learn to make you happy, the pain of that breakup today should not be eternal, is just one more step in your life you must overcome, to experience many more things.


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