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Basic characteristics of Buddhism

Basic characteristics of Buddhism

We could say that Buddhism is an ancient religion which is still present in many countries of the world, more and more. But Buddhism is more than a religion, is an authentic way of life, with a few habits that are based on beliefs that are shared with the rest of the community.


A little history on Buddhism


It is the fourth religion which has more followers all over the world, overcoming the 750 millions of Buddhists around the world. Although it has many centuries, It is one of the newer religions, being founded by Siddartha Gautama, a monk Hindu ascetic who began to spread their beliefs in the Northwest area of the India around the 5th century BC.

Gautama was born in the year 563 BC in a Republic called Sakia that today no longer exists. It should say that it was not the first nor the only Buddha, but it was not is a God. Men can only reach the State of Buddha, Nothing else.

This State is achieved after completing the spiritual enlightenment, the main goal of every Buddhist. To do this you must transcend the desire or lobha, aversion dosha and also confusion or moha.


Basic characteristics of Buddhism


The concepts on which is based the Buddhism are three: karma, nirvana and the conditioned emergence, three concepts that develop the world in which people live.

Buddhism also it must be said that from that area in the North of india began to spread due to its success and made it through different areas of Asia.

Such was its growth that ended up branching in two aspects, Mahayana and Theravada. Each differs on the path to be followed in order to achieve spiritual enlightenment, making the practice of Buddhism in each case different.


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