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The goodness in life

The goodness in life

There are ten values ​​applicable to all cultures that are considered buenos.La Kindness in Life, universalism, the independence of thought, lead an exciting life, hedonism, achievement or personal success, power and more traditional values such as security, conformity and tradition.

Lead a life according to values kindly provides us protection against a society that increasingly shows a lower threshold of tolerance towards problems. Increasingly there are more adaptive problems that end up generating pathology, such as depressions, pictures of anxiety, stress, etc.

Looking for the good of our fellow human beings we find our


Everything that we launched toward others is a boomerang that we will receive greatly as we proceed. When we seek the good for our fellow, whether it is through a thought, a feeling or an action, We promote connections with others. A connections that we report comfortable emotions, protagonists of our emotional well-being.

Most of what they give us is returned at any time or circumstance of life, often times. So if it's help, through the love we need to know that, to give it, automatically we are opening up this natural law through which turns to recycle the feeling will be fulfilled in us.

The construction of the common good is a work of all. At the present time there is a feeling of indifference in the society, people are fed up and has set up the distrust. We all have the feeling that in many respects the life we have deceived. Beyond the diagnosis of the situation, the fundamental question is how to get out of it.

What das, give it to you. What can't, take it off your. The only sign of superiority is the goodness.

Life goodness

Any act of kindness is a demonstration of power. Be a benevolent person does not increase the tolerance against the ruin, or have according to the inept, but rather have the will do good. Remember that you are as good as the best thing that you've done in your life.

For Gautama Buddha, above all it is the loving kindness. As well as the Moonlight illuminates sixty times more than the stars, loving kindness unleash the heart of sixty times more effectively than all other achievements together. If we eat goodness, fears and sorrows will die quickly from hunger.

Patience is the virtue that best describes the good people. Framing the ability to give people that we want freedom and margin of error. The art of kindness seems to be a scarce commodity, but perhaps it is more common than we think.

The best way that life rewards the good person is through gratitude. A compliment means that they recognize our work, love means that our company is pleasant for others, appreciation means that we are able to be useful for other people, either with our words, attitudes or behaviors. The three elements at the same time (praise, love and gratitude) They allow us to have more close and close relationships.

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