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Boho Chic, groundbreaking fashion trend

Boho Chic, groundbreaking fashion trend

Casual, comfortable and self-assured. The style boho chic He has always been, greater or lesser extent, present in our closet. And although because of its wide acceptance among celebrities e it girls the moment it may seem that you have been them the forerunners of this trend, the truth is that its origin is due to an entirely counter culture.

Were the gypsies originating in Bohemia, a zone of Eastern Europe, those who promoted the style boho. In the years 50, artists, writers and travelers They decided to adopt a nomadic lifestyle renouncing the bourgeois whims. They are seeking sexual and artistic freedom, and tried to live with as little as possible. The clothes were not important to them. And so, unwillingly, as they shaped a very distinctive and unique style that continues to thrive today.

Based on comfort, the boho chic It is very easy to identify at a glance. There are no strict guidelines and is based on the more extravagant combination better. Mix of fabrics, colors and patterns with light touch vintage and ethnic -between the Navajo and arabesco-; but, sbove all, flowing garments, comfortable and busy. skirts, dresses and jackets usually the undisputed protagonists of the closet boho where the fringes, the crochet and lace occupy, also, an important place. Although, without a doubt, this style would not be achieved successfully if it were not for the strong presence of accessories: hats, necklaces, hair accessories and shoes and always flat sandals.

As for the actual commercial fashion that, first signs date from the years 60. They reigned trends hippies and actresses and singers of the moment, as the muses of French style Jane Birkin, Brigitte Bardot o Janis Joplin, among other-, they soon join it, giving it personal touches and making style boho one of the most copied of the decade. In addition, the festival of music and art Woodstock of 1969, It was a very important event for this trend and, also, one of the reasons that somehow this style is so linked to dress code of the current festivals like Coachella.

Discover the amazing designs boho chic fashion

Although originally it born to give a form of surface life, gradually this style has adapted to new generations, It is becoming imperative for all seasons and winning, In addition, his little place on the catwalk thanks to firms like France's Isabel Marant and the Italian house Etro.

women like Alessandra Ambrosio, Vanessa Hudgens o Sienna Miller They have already joined this style, enfundándose leather boots and vaporous maxivestidos. If you also want you to recreate the field in the city, continue reading: you uncover the keys to a total look Boho Chic.

Boho chic style keys

A simple to start with boho-chic keys are:

  • To dress in this style you have to use loose clothing. You do not have much to do with clothes attached to the body.
  • The colors have to be very soft and remember to nature: verdes, heavenly, yellows and browns.
  • Imagine you want to wear a denim short with you know what to get on top? Choose a wide shirt of a colored clarito. However, If you want to get a denim skirt you choose to wear something stuck.

What kind of clothing is the most appropriate?

If you clear the boho chic style is your roll, You will have to start to prove all kinds of suede clothing. since vests, to dresses, shorts and all kinds of accessories. The ante is the material of this year and we will move quickly to 70's. Obviously, We have the option low cost from antelina which is just fantastic and just'll notice differences.

There is nothing more hippie seventies and the fringe. In addition, the options are endless succumb to them. Let's see fringes on all kinds of accessories, like shoes and handbags. But also, the boho chic clothing bid to create amazing outfits, full of fringes everywhere. In addition, We can make combinations suede and fringes.

The boho chic dresses They should be white, stylish and unmatched fall. If you are short, must of being true, avoiding strictures. For a total boho chic style can be combined with the jackets or suede fringed kimonos and flat sandals that we provide that setentero effect What are we searching for. Bohemian style is characterized as comfortable and easy. Shelve heels and adopts sandals or boots comfortable straps that are the perfect shoes to complete a bohemian look like this. The choice of supplements is essential in the boho chic fashion.

How compliment your style boho chic

Ons head, as Pamela or tapes are essential to be a real hippie. But you can also choose to comb your hair with braids very discard to get a touch quite lighthearted. Perfect hairstyles are nothing boho, Hair should provide that sense of freedom we spoke at the beginning. So you have to get a perfect balance to avoid appearing to go with crazy hair for life.

The ethnic print is very important in this kind of style. It is true that ethnicity is related to the hippie, but we have said that the boho chic style has much to do with this. The use of lace is essential. It brings a lot of naturalness and style gives the craft a fundamental element.

Let your imagination fly with boho chic

In the mixture is the key, so, arriésgate. On the other hand, the Boho Chic accepts any combination or variation. From experimentation different patterns in endless skirts, through the incorporation of Beaded jackets. All look Boho Chic must keep in mind this idea: in the mixture is the success. So it includes fun patterns in your shirts or skirts and smooth-forestry role with another garment. combines also materials. Boho Chic teaches us that in one look, can coexist the crochet, the tejano and the leather.



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