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6 benefits of apple juice

6 benefits of apple juice

Apple juice is not only delicious, the benefits of taking daily are many. I think it should be part of any well-balanced diet, unless your physician tells you otherwise.

Remember it is always good to take the natural juice, but if not, remember it is important to buy a good apple juice, preferably organic, since many trademarks are full of sugar, instead of being beneficial prove harmful.


reduces the risk of problems in the Heart

Apple juice helps prevent the formation of cholesterol in blood vessels and arteries. High levels of cholesterol and plaque in arteries are among the most common causes of heart disease. Taking a glass of apple juice every day, reduces the risk of heart disease.


Vista improves

It has been shown to take apple juice as part of our daily diet, It is a good idea because it will improve the view of the amount of vitamin A and C having. It has been found in people who do not see well at night.



Another benefit is that it reduces the symptoms of asthma in children and youth. These minerals juice calm irritation in the airways causing asthma.


Clean the Agency and improves digestion

Apple juice (especially juice 100% natural) It helps cleanse the liver and kidneys eliminate toxins. As a result, You have a cleaner body and be better protected against diseases of liver and kidney. It also contains pectin that helps protect the intestines and relieves constipation.


If you use daily a glass of apple juice, your bones will be more secure because it contains potassium and a mineral called phloridzin. Both are good for increasing bone density, which it is essential for elderly. It also serves to relieve arthritis and rheumatism.



Apples are also known to be restorative force, speed and vitality to the organs. The juice is full of different vitamins - A, C, E, K, B1, B2 and B6, then it is an excellent source of energy. You can take it after making exercise as it is one of the few fruits that consume will help you keep your body alkaline electrolytes.


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