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Benefits of beet juice

Benefits of beet juice

Perhaps you have consumed this vegetable in a salad and always cooked ... However you will enjoy all its properties if raw ingest as beaten.

When we eat cooked loses some of its nutrients more important (as with all meals). And, on the other hand, we eat raw, juice or smoothie, we can enjoy:

  • vitamins A, B, C
  • Folic acid
  • antioxidants such as, For example, flavonoids and carotenoids
  • Amino acids
  • Minerals including calcium highlights, mg, the iron, potassium, phosphorus and sodium.
  • soluble fiber and insoluble
  • Water
  • Carbohydrates
  • sugars

What does beet juice?


Pay close attention to the health properties of juice or shake this dwelling vegetables:


Reduces heart problems

Being an excellent anti-inflammatory beet is beneficial for people who have suffered heart disorders or are prone to them.


Eliminates free radicals

Beet contains antioxidants as betalains and lospolifenoles, neutralizing the effect of free radicals. If the latter accumulate in the body too They can cause premature aging of cells and promoting the emergence of diseases such as cancer.


Fights cancer

Related to the previous point, Beet juice also fights the growth of malignant cells that may become cancer, so it is also good to cure this disease.

Several studies say minimizes the formation of tumors especially in the pancreas, breast and prostate.


Increases resistance

Many athletes consume this juice dark before competitions, since they provides greater lung capacity. Studies indicate that improvement in a 16% performance exercisers, train or compete.


Blood pressure equilibrates

Consume 2 cups of beet juice a day is perfect for those with hypertension because it levels blood pressure. Responsible for this improvement is nitrate-containing vegetables.


Improves digestion

It helps digest certain foods, reduce the "heavy" stomach digests and improves processes. Like little, beet It stimulates appetite in convalescents.


Improving the work of the thyroid gland

The appearance of goiter is associated with low levels of iodine (something common in developed countries). The problem may diminish or even disappear eating foods that provide this mineral such as beet. Also chard and garlic.


Aging decreases

Not only cells but also skin and organs in general. Beet juice brings health to the brain. Allows recover faster from injuries and prevents wrinkles.


Prevents inflammation

The plant contains a nutrient called betaine cells that helps fight stress and any swelling process. It also protects the organs of disease and reduces postoperative.


Treats anemia

This is because the content of folic acid and iron.


Avoid liquid retention

Beet juice is recommended for people with edema or fluid retention in the legs. This is because it provides good amounts of potassium and sodium as well as having little an effective diuretic action. It should be consumed in patients with:

  • Drop
  • Hiperuricemia
  • kidney stones (unless they have been formed by excess calcium oxalate)
  • Oliguria

Increases urine output and allows remove fluid and harmful substances as, For example, urea or uric acid.


es cleansing

Beet juice has great cleansing properties and stimulates kidney function, intestinal and liver. Expedites the removal of toxins, faeces, urine and all types of waste.



This vegetable has little caloric intake and also quenches appetite. It can be consumed also grated in salads for their fibers prevent constipation and overweight.


Improving the health of pregnant women and babies

This is because its high content of folic acid. Beet ensures good formation of the fetus in the early weeks of gestation.

Women should continue to eat beets once you've had the baby to prevent certain diseases from spreading. As the child grows older are advised to continue eating this vegetable to prevent deficiencies and grow healthy.


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