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Benefits of yoga

Benefits of yoga

Benefits of yoga

We know that yoga is a traditional mental and spiritual discipline whose origin lies in the India. Thanks to your practice, You can report significant benefits both our body and our mind since she also works at all levels.

On the physical plane makes us aware of what our body needs, helps to strengthen muscles and bones, It increases vital energy and flexibility and balance to our body among many other advantages which we will know later.

At the mental level it will help us to improve concentration, to control us in tense situations, to overcome fears, harmony provides us and helps us to have an eminently positive thinking of life.

Other benefits of yoga

The body takes more energy, Retrieves a natural capacity to heal, It gives us more flexibility in joints and muscles, grow our vitality, It has the ability to reduce pain and significantly improve our physical condition.

It also increases our vital energy, stimulates the body's different processes, both metabolic and anabolic, helps us to relax, reduces inflammations, oxygenates your body, It reduces pain due to the production of endorphins, reducing cardiovascular risk, It helps us to get rid of toxins and improve our sexual life among other aspects.

On the mental plane, the practice of yoga also provides us a large number of interesting benefits as for example the calmness of the mind, It reduces depression and allows us to better sleep, helps you concentrate better.

It also increases our intellectual capacity, significantly improves our self-esteem, It gives us confidence and security in ourselves, It gives us enthusiasm for life and makes us see things from a more positive perspective.

These are just some of the many benefits that brings yoga into our lives. Now that you know them… What is your excuse for not practicing it?


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