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7 benefits of ginger

7 benefits of ginger

Ginger is a root with some nice looking but very special taste we can use in the preparation of sauces, soups, marinated, and main dishes, even, some desserts.

But beyond its culinary uses, has become popular for decades worldwide as a matter quite different. Esta raíz tiene múltiples propiedades medicinales that promote our health in many ways.


7 benefits of ginger


Many people are still unaware of the benefits of an economic and easy plant to find. Often we usually see on the market and ignore it, At a low price, we could have an excellent ally for health.

For this reason, Today I want to share 7 very important benefits of ginger, so do not hesitate to buy it the next time you go to the market.


1. Improves blood circulation


Ginger contains magnesium and zinc, which they are key to improve blood circulation. In addition, It has properties that inhibit the accumulation of bad cholesterol in the liver, which could also prevent a lot of cardiovascular problems.

Among other things, It is also useful in reducing fever and excessive sweating problems.


2. Improves absorption of nutrients


When we eat this root guarantee better absorption of essential nutrients in the body. This is because It causes stimulation of the secretion of stomach and pancreatic enzymes. In addition, if we have problems with appetite, We can chew a little ginger before meals to stimulate it.


3. Prevents colds and flu


Ginger has expectorant properties and antibiotic that could act effectively on issues of colds and flu.

Esta raíz se utiliza desde hace siglos en Asia como un tratamiento poderoso contra las gripes, colds and coughs. The Department of Medicine at the University of Maryland confirmed this benefit and, through research, He determined that ginger tea can reduce the symptoms of colds and flu in adults.


4. Improves digestion


Ginger, In addition to improving nutrient absorption in the body, also It helps relieve abdominal pain a stomach inflammation usually occur when there. In addition, previene y combate el estreñimiento, reduce intestinal gas and promotes better digestion.


5. It could be anticarcinogenic


Several investigations have found that this root could have very powerful anti-cancer substances, capable of inhibiting the growth of cancer cells in the colon and prostate.


6. Strengthens the immune system


El consumo regular de esta planta refuerza el sistema inmunitario y It maintains strong defenses against possible infections agency, gripes, colds or chronic diseases.

Also reduces the risk of stroke and it is very useful for combating intestinal bacterial infections.


7. Relieves joint pain


Ginger tiene importantes propiedades antiinflamatorias that help reduce pain and inflammation of joints, as well as other common ailments.

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