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Orange smoothie detoxificante, carrot and apple with ginger

Orange smoothie detoxificante, carrot and apple with ginger

You are looking for a delicious and healthy drink for breakfast or snack? Commitment to this Orange juice, carrot and apple with ginger, an option very interesting by combining fruit with some vegetables and fresh ginger touch.

This juice or smoothie is so good that You do not need sugar. If after trying, You think you need more sweetness, add a little brown sugar.

The smoothie is something textured liquid, If you want to stay smoothie type (something creamier) You have several options: added crushed ice, uses cut fruit pieces in frozen yoghurt or added (milk, is cut). go play.

In any case, This milkshake is very refreshing and is packed with nutrients, ideal for debugging toxins from the body and help fight the excesses of Christmas.


  • 4 oranges
  • 2 carrots
  • 1 Apple
  • 1 small piece of fresh ginger (less than a fingertip)


Orange juice preparation, carrot and apple with ginger:

1. Peel fruits, carrots and ginger.

2. We put everything in a blender and serve immediately.

3. Makes this juice into a smoothie by adding crushed ice.

If another robot or normal mixer is used and you are thicker on the issue of the pulp, you always have the option of passing through the strainer, although in that case fiber intake would be reduced.



  • If you want to be liquefied fresquito, You can refrigerate the ingredients of liquefied. As you have to drink it fast with not overdo cold, but you can feel bad. And what we want, It is that we feel good and provide us with what to bring.
  • You can save the liquefied pulp for use in breads, in meat pies, Made of veggies, biscuits, etc. Or as fertilizer for plants.


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