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To know things even if it hurts

To know things even if it hurts

Our mind is a specialist in filling blanks, It is resistant to not be continually creating thoughts that do not necessarily have to do with the reality, for this reason, many times it is even less stormy learn a painful truth, give rein to imagination with assumptions, catastrophic scenarios or unnecessary anguish.


To know things even if it hurts


The honesty of another often can protect us from ourselves, more when we have evidence that a situation is going a certain way.


What we want to hear


Certainly there will be many things that we will not want to hear, things that we would like it to be different and truths that are driven in our heart like daggers... But once the information is in implementation in the mat we might assume it and handle it as it is.

However, have no power of action about the tragedies that our mind is capable of imagining.


What ends up happening


Nothing in us ends up passing, It is as bad as what happened in our minds, and under the many terrible scenarios we cannot solve really nothing, We can just keep dreaming up ways and possible exits to this nightmare, but as it isn't what happens, nor is useful.


To know everything


Many times we have no possibilities know everything, appease our minds with the information we need, so with a painful truth, but that We have to learn to soothe us through our own resources, trying to not give rein to our imagination, more when it is damaging us our emotional stability.


even if it hurts


The thoughts


When the thoughts we generate turn against us and all the feelings that we are negative, It is necessary to seek peace in, rather than distract and evade what we are concerned about, We must accept that we do not handle the information we would like and that must work on the basis of what is actually happening, without worsening scenarios through assumptions.


The meditation


Meditation is always a good ally when we need to calm our mind, She can go as a traditional practice, looking for a quiet place, where can we sit and simply concentrate on our breathing for a few minutes, letting any thought, not resist or catch us, just seeing it pass; either practicing meditation in motion, where we focus exclusively on what is going on in the present moment.


Connect with ourselves


It can connect with ourselves, it not only allows us to let the mind at times out of the game, which fills us with energy and makes us feel descasados and better prepared to deal with any circumstance, but that allows us to listen to that inner voice, that even if does not show us map, tell us which way we should take, to locate us right where we should be.


Our Inner Peace


We do not allow that our peace and tranquility depend on external factors, people or situations that we can not have control.


OK and Control


We accept that but prefer a scenario, We can not always access it, and this must not steal us peace.

We are in control of our mind so we encourage and above all to pay attention to what gives us the most relevant information, the only one that we really need, that comes from within ourselves and associate with the heart.

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  1. Gracias por estas enseñanzas y permitir la oportunidad de entendernos, y ayudarnos a contralar nuestras emociones, para aprender a tener paz interior..


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