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Astrology to improve

Astrology to improve

Astrology is a very old system of correspondences and analogies, predicated on the notion that the universe is a living organism full of meaning which can be divided into all aspects 7 and 12 parts. These are the 7 planets and 12 signs of the zodiac. Thus each planet rules one aspect, under certain tone, the inner sky is the human psyche.

Communication in general is governed by Mercury, planet that governs the signs of Gemini and Virgo. Mercury, “The messenger of the gods“, governs the reason, logical thinking, the word, eloquence, wordiness, intellect, joint, although it is also related to the occult arts, in his relationship with Toth (the so-called Egyptian Hermes), transport and roads.

To take into account, for a writer, a prominent position on the Moon or signs in which is exalted –Cancer and Taurus governing which is exalted– can encourage writing imaginative and fantasy, not philosophical or scientific writing. PISCES, a water sign, governed by Jupiter and Neptune the old system in the new, It is a sign linked with dreams and the unconscious therefore also be used to undermine the psyche. Saturn, on the other hand, promotes the work of the highest intelligence, knowledge of the nature of time, physics, the maths, astronomy and along with Mercury, It is also the planet of spiritual alchemy, the melancholy and the deep thought. Mars can be used to break procrastinación and a run of activity ignitable; Jupiter to write about religion, Politics and Law; Venus to give a voluptuous tone and style to text, perhaps to write about sex, art and emphasize the beauty of things.

Every waking hour is also governed by a rising, This is the planet that rules the sign located on the east. When the Sun is in Capricorn, For example, Dawn will like Capricorn ascendant. Hours with rising Gemini-Mercury are generally fertile hours speech flow, for linguistic inventiveness for the transmission Logos. Something similar happens with Virgo, However, Virgo hours are generally more conducive to editing, organization and revision of writing, in both Virgo is a more earthly version of Mercury; Gemini is a more aerial and volatile version. The Virgo mentality, However, often it considered, más profunda, though perhaps sometimes less dynamic and more rigid than Geminis.

En el aspecto semanal, obviously Wednesday is the day ruled by Mercury. Regardless of ascending, cada hora de la semana tradicionalmente tiene asignada un planeta regente, in the case of Wednesday's early morning –This is, starting from dawn– It is ruled by Mercury.

Asimsimo can reinforce the influence of Mercury looking favorable aspects and deans (degrees in a sign) particularly favorable. The grade 15 Virgo is considered the exaltation of Mercury. The expense of this planet is in Pisces and Sagittarius. Each lunar month also the Moon passes through the 12 signs, so for just over two days in Geminis and also in Virgo. Una posición favorables de Mercurio en el cielo más una Luna en un signo regido por Mercurio son buenos alicientes para sesiones de escritura. On the other hand you can find not specifically mercurial interesting nuances, for example using the power of a Moon in Cancer or Pisces to work more aspects linked to intuition or imagination.

Another issue to be considered is called Cazimi, This is the time when Mercury is in perfect conjunction with the Sun. While conjunctions between Mercury and the Sun are usually preceded by a retrograde process not conducive to fluency (perhaps allows internal or intrapersonal communication), the right time of conjunction in which the planet is “in the heart of the Sun”, within an arc of 17 minutes is considered highly favorable, although somewhat ephemeral, since soon after returning to a state of combustion in which the strength of King sears energy Messenger.

You can not forget not pass the tradition of talismanic magic that recommends images or amulets forge auspicious moments. So one could make or purchase a feather at a time when Mercury is especially well positioned in the sky. It would also be appropriate to manufacture an image of Hermes at a similar time.

Astrology to improve

The combinations are vast, pero a manera de introducción creo que lo anterior presenta una plantilla básica para empezar a utilizar los rayos planetarios como un estímulo imaginativo, or mytho-poetic company for a session in front of the blank page.


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