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6 steps to learn to love in Buddhism

6 steps to learn to love in Buddhism

Love is the universal feeling, what makes us human and universal beings. Although it may be a little hard to understand sometimes, as it emerges in the most unexpected moments and the most surprising ways, love is the engine of life and the glue that unites us with our fellow men. friends, family, couple, everybody We represent a part of this feeling.

Sometimes love becomes stormy, because we can not understand and we get to blame others for our failures, but the truth is that such flaws that later become can learn valuable lessons. We just need to pay attention.

Some may feel lost in the topic, but the monk Buddhist Vietnamese Tich Nhat Hanh, He found the answers to the question we all do at some point in our lives How to learn to truly love?

Through meditation, the monk Tich Nhat Hanh It concluded that There are 6 key actions we must apply in life, if we learn the meaning of love; both we give to others, as we receive and mentions in his book “How to love” (Like loving) which you can check if you want to pursue the subject.


The 6 steps to learn to love son:


  1. You have to keep your kindness to those around you
  2. Never stop listening
  3. Lose the fear of your heart grow
  4. You must understand the other
  5. Passengers do not have love
  6. The four elements of love: amiability, compassion, fun and serenity.



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