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Learn to say no

Learn to say no

Many times, we do not say no and we succumb to a request; it is difficult to refuse, because if we do we are selfish and we are afraid that the other person is upset, We criticize and give us aside, but Sometimes you have to say no to earn respect for yourself and those around us.

It is important to understand that the ability to say is not closely related to self-esteem, so that people who have low self-esteem and little confidence, They feel nervous about others and tend to accept requests.

Maybe it's because some pushy parents, the education offered to be based on being obedient and helpful, `So their self-esteem may have come to rely on the things you do for others; It is a vicious circle in which people around you expect to always fulfill your wishes.

Being unable to say you can not make you show stressed, irritable and have no energy, whereby it is necessary that you evaluate the situation twice before accepting.


  1. Uses simple answers, firmly and directly; remember that you are not asking permission to say no. Do not make excuses and give your reasons for not accepting.
  2. Think of your free time, and after having done, I am able to say no more confidence.
  3. Do not compromise if you can not, just do it if you agree with the request, or you feel able to do; You can suggest other alternatives, but in any case you commit, if you can not.
  4. Always remember that negative is independent of rejection; If you reject the petition, It does not mean you do with a person. There is so much right to say no, as to ask a favor.
  5. Do not feel guilty for saying no to your children, because they need to hear that answer from time to time to develop a sense of self control and can set limits.
  6. Be true to yourself what you really want.

Note that the expression of your own desires requires first; if you try to always please everyone, an open door let people take advantage of you, although sometimes you need to make concessions and accept, nothing happens so.


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