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5 things you should consider before getting pregnant

5 things you should consider before getting pregnant

If you already have a time with your partner who it has been stable and happy, and both believe that the time has come to have a baby wait a bit! There may be things you're not considering: a child is a big responsibility and you accompany a lifetime, although they leave home and become adults, children will continue giving to Do.

Here we leave a list of 5 Important things to consider before getting pregnant:


1. Lifestyle

Does your partner and you have a pleasant lifestyle and love? That is going to go when the baby arrives! Peace love nest only two people will, Now we have to take care of a baby that will give much to do. Think if they have a lifestyle they are willing to abandon, If the answer is negative, it is better to wait a little longer.


2. Finance

If you just give them to survive in the month ... imagine with a baby. A child brings many expenses, excluding all including pregnancy and expenses for the future, as their education and interests. Unless you are well prepared to keep your new baby, It is better to postpone the decision for better economic times.


3. Loss of sleep

The first months are intense, no solo debes pensar si está en tu capacidad aguantar noches de mal sueño, but also your personality and patience. In addition even if they spend the first years, You still have nightmares concerns, Visitors will wake up early to do housework, your child will want to sleep with you and much more. sleep never be the same.

4. Do work

With a baby on the way things can change. You may decide to continue going to work after a while or you decide to work from home, so do not always work. Before looking to the gynecologist you have to make a decision in this area.


5. Health

The most important issue. Think about how old you, in your partner, your health and your lifestyle. The right thing is that both tests are made to be checked that they are well and fit to have a child, and if they are not, work to be if want babies.

Children are not a game, so you have to spend many hours of analysis to a decision of this magnitude. ¡To be cautious!

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