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Power Animals: The turtle

Power Animals: The turtle

The sea turtle is an ancient symbol of wisdom. Over time marine turtle have always had a great religious and mythological value. Considered a symbol of fertility, deliberation and persistence, They are admired and esteemed as divinities in various cultures.

Some American Indians believe that the earth was created in the carapace of a sea turtle. In Hindu myths, Chukwa sea turtle holds the world. Balinese cosmology within marine turtle is a symbol of the creation of the Earth and everything in it. In the Far East the shell of the turtle was a symbol of heaven and tables containing, a symbol of the Earth. So it was an animal that linked heaven and earth. For the Chinese it represents the greatest symbol of longevity, stability, balance, good luck, support and protection. For the Greeks is associated with Aphrodite and therefore is a female symbol. In Japan it is a symbol of good luck and longevity. Ancient mariners became a sea turtle tattooed on the first trip that crossed the Ecuador.

Sea turtles as power animal

Marine sea turtle is a very wise animals. People who are fortunate enough to be under their protection are very long-lived souls who have also accumulated many experiences and knowledge, though they not always know how to use them. So it is that the patient's sea turtle guide them to bring awareness to achieve wisdom that require at all times to meet the challenges of their lives.

It teaches them to think carefully before acting to stay consistently balanced. It also teaches them to act with love, sharing with others their knowledge and resources. It also collaborates with all souls who need to learn to trust and love does not necessarily bring pain, although they have experienced in the past because these souls projecting their own fears and situations that had no way to choose. All of them encouraged to be given a new opportunity to open up to love. Thus it is time to give a new opportunity abandoning the fear of repeating the past by choosing new options.

The sea turtle is an important symbol in Buddhism

Sea turtle as a temporary ally

Sea turtle appears temporarily in your life when you need to correct your course. Before being born, in the plane of souls, along with our guides, we drew up a plan and goals we hope to accomplish and being on Earth. Right now you're straying from the path that you yourself trazaste. It is the sea turtle appears in this case to lead you back to your original plan of life. Reflect and look what decision or what path you have taken lately that is proving wrong and rectifies. You still have time. You probably know that it is, but if you are not sure, calls on the sea turtle you show it clearly.

The sea turtle has few predators, which gives an innocent energy. This also increases its life, and therefore it has the symbolic meaning of longevity in many cultures.

Because of its appearance with eyes open, long-lived, and the carefree attitude of the sea turtle is often regarded as the wisest of spirits between the animal kingdom.

Marine turtle are associated with water, which brings as a totem a sense of movement, sea ​​turtle totem gives intuition and emotion to life. It is also charm stability and long life. In China and Japan is a symbol of longevity.

In the myth of the Asian turtle represents the cosmic order

The shell of the sea turtle is the symbol of heaven. The body of the sea turtle is the symbolic body of the earth. In addition, It is considered to have led to the creation of the universe from its parts. The sea turtle is a symbol of motherhood and creation.

The sea turtle has also been used for divination or predictions of the future. In ancient times its shell and belly read, because these parts of the sea turtle is said to represent a map of the stars and the writings sacred. In addition, most marine turtle shells are divided into thirteen sections, which it is associated with the phases of the moon thirteen in a year.

In Asia, Turtle is an important symbol for budismo.La Buda relationship with the sea turtle comes because in one of his previous lives, Buddha reborn as a giant sea turtle that lived in the deep sea.

Once he saved the life of shipwrecked sailors who had, inviting them to your big carapace go up so lead them to the beach. Upon reaching the shore, as a result of their effort and exhaustion, tired sea turtle was unable to return to the sea. Thousands of insects used the occasion to climb it to the shell and devour. With altruistic spirit, sea ​​turtle decided not to present any resistance. Nor did the slightest effort to return to the sea. On the other hand, He allowed the insects consumed his flesh so that these lived through it.

Also in Australian culture it has its own symbolism

A long time ago, Tiddalick was so thirsty that all the world's water drank. All living things began to die of thirst. Without water the planet was dying, so the animals gathered to solve the issue of drought caused by Tiddalick.

Nabunum the eel was Tiddalik which had the great idea of ​​making people laugh Tiddalick. So he tickled her tail, and sea turtle started laughing uncontrollably. So much that he laughed, He came to vomit all the drinking water refilled rivers, lakes and seas again.

Tiddalik legend is one of the most important time of dreams, and it has been inspired stories for children. Whenever Tiddalick and its history is mentioned time revives dreams, and that is how to communicate with the Gods.

Turtle magical properties

Turtle totem relates to the "sure and steady" message of this creature brings to our lives. It is also a powerful totem to protect it helps who is in self-defense against any evil. The universal symbolism of sea turtle totem gives order, creation, patience, force, stability, longevity, innocence, resistance and protection.


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