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Sweethearts past come when you least expect

Sweethearts past come when you least expect

""First loves are always there"", I used to say Antonio Gala, and it seems to be.


One of challenges to be faced in many relationships is the unexpected reappearance (and, in many cases, undesirably) an old love of one of the two partners, a circumstance that on numerous occasions the couple makes totter. "Sometimes we forget to live with someone else implies a routine. The appearance of a former partner or lover in our life today all that routine breaks, It makes us dream of the past and remember how we feel while, who we were and therefore we ask ourselves who we are doing now ", says María José Pérez Fernández-Manchón, psychologist who regularly works in family and couple therapy.


Whenever the relationship had finished nicely and that memories are not harmful, It will awaken in us a feeling of yearning, as it is very important to feel desired, even when that desire it again after a long time cause who once was your boyfriend or girlfriend.


Sweethearts past come when you least expect


It is logical to try to forget those relationships that failed, as a defense mechanism. However, It has also been shown that although this strategy is normal, most of the time does nothing but make things worse. The more emphasis is removed from the head a failed relationship and unwanted, it becomes easier our thoughts.


There is always a desire to know what had happened, or if now would spend the same as that time ... but now they're two different people to those, and if you do not want to change the other and there are clear rules and settled, Why this time it will not go well? There are couples mature together and others do separately, only they returned to be found at the right time and having passed each stage, re-form and persist over time.



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