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Love or obsession in your relationship

Love or obsession in your relationship

Do not you answer all messages?. Do not you call every five minutes?. Is it not for all that you do?

The first thing you think of is that your partner happens to you. If really so, do not hesitate to leave that relationship to go looking for a real partner.

However, we recommend that before you study the possibility that you're suffering from a loving dependence.


Love or obsession in your relationship


During infatuation, the first stage of a relationship, it is natural that the couple have a very close link.

Time passes quickly when you are together and always want more. Even so, You must be aware that a relationship should mature into a more adult link.

In this evolution, We must not confuse infatuation with addiction.

relationship between love and obsession

effectively, when such addiction intrudes into the couple, It leads to suffering that has both as the sufferer. In other words, that link away from adulthood to become toxic.

The relationship was infatuation that has led to emotional blackmail by the addictive person, to always believe you never get the same offers.

One of the most important things in a relationship is, precisely, acceptance of each other. That means accept and understand that each person acts and displayed differently based on their feelings.

Despite, because, that one does not proceed in the same way that we, does not mean that it does not feel anything for us and our love is not reciprocated.


Do you feel love or obsession?


Therefore, and for a mature relationship, The partners also have to evolve solo.

They must find their intimate space and time to enjoy and learn from their solitude.

To make it, This link began an attraction, must make progress on the basis of understanding, tolerance and, above all, of respect.

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