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Do you love or you love someone?

Do you love or you love someone?

Friends and fellow singles, If you are like me, will certainly be tired of hearing the same things over and over again:

"Why you not have a partner?""

"You're too handsome / a and sympathetic / a to be single / a"

"You bachelor / a, do not worry and find someone ... "

The latter seems to me ridiculous, as if all you want is to be with friends, as if the alternative was wrong or an error.

For years I've been single, and Repeatedly I have answered all these questions and statements: "I'm not in love with anyone."

Some say that when you fall for someone, You feel euphoria and weakening knees. Supposedly "you just know". It is something over which you have no control.

On the other hand There are people who say they love me someone is an "option", something you can control.

I have learned that all these people are talking about me not the same force, but in two completely different forces: being in love and loving someone.

The big difference? One can exist without the other, but not the other.

Do you love or you love someone?

To love is to choose to love. We love our parents because they gave us life and thanks to them we are here, we love our friends because we have chosen to join us on the road of life, we love our partners because they are there for us and make us be the best version of ourselves for them. But, Do we know if we love our partners?

Last year he finished my relationship with my current ex-boyfriend. One morning I woke up and I realized something: I was not in love with the man at my side.

When I tried to explain what I felt I was unable to find the right words. I could not express assertively because I barely understood why he felt what he felt.

The only thing I could say for sure was that He was dissatisfied. When I tried to rationalize I came to the conclusion that he had a very deep affection. respected, She trusted him, even loved it - but I was not in love with him.

Love a person is rest it on your passions; being in love with a person is not only support her passions, but also admireto the extent that their appetite for them motivate your appetite for yours.

Love a person is to share all your thoughts with her; being in love with a person is able to share all your thoughts with her and when you're not see her everywhere that you go, think of every person you know and feel it in every scent you smell.

Love a person is feeling better with hugs; being in love with a person is feeling better in your hugs and subsequently feel the desire to please her in the same way whenever you can because you feel the same fervor physically and emotionally express.

You can be in love with your partner and love will automatically come in that package, but you not necessarily have to be in love with your partner to love.

Again and again I wonder if I should have accepted some of the offers good men to be his girlfriend. I've declined all and still single.

But, in my heart, I know it's better that way. If I had to be with one of them, it would have been, because I would have felt indescribably happy with their offer.

Always could love and, for some, would love them enough. But, for others,falling in love and staying in love, no option or reason, It is the only way to experience love.

Me up with a man who I think I can love, in hopes of falling in love in time, it's just a risk I'm not willing to take.

It is my belief that each one of us, as human, We have unique thresholds with regard to our appreciation of what it means "being in love". We should respect and abide by our personal thresholds and put our faith in them.

this threshold varies from person to person based on how intensely each can fall for another.

We should not judge another couple love. We should not judge how to love a person for others.

We should not judge a single person to be single, we do not know how emotionality and how easily manages to fall in love (and if he wants to do).

We are all unique and we all feel different, Do not expect everyone to be equal simply because we are not. If someone feels better and more accomplished when a couple very good for him, but If someone feels better and more accomplished bachelor who matched, Well for him too!

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