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Cope with the sadness to avoid falling into a depression

Cope with the sadness to avoid falling into a depression

Sadness is a natural emotion to which we are all accustomed. While it has nothing to do with suffer depression, is vital to keep in mind that, become something everyday, Note that every day this negative feeling we will dominate to the extent that prevent us from fulfilling our obligations, We run the risk of end up suffering a more serious psychological disorder.

It is important to have some basic and appropriate strategies that allow us to cope with the sadness that, sometimes, feel good by a particular problem, or even by a timely alteration of our health. The basic difference between the sadness and depression is in the intensity, that same as, If not managed effectively as soon as possible, You can do that end up falling into the precipice of depression.

1. Being sad is not to be depressed, but we need to solve the problem as soon as possible


First of all there is to know that sadness is a natural emotional reaction. All it have felt to a greater or lesser extent and all we have managed to overcome it. You shouldn't pull it in time, not feeding it with more negative thoughts. It is in fact, live, take it and, then, Let her go.

  • Being sad is not to be depressed. The sadness is something timely and depression is a State involving a psychological disturbance that is fed by discouragement and which extends beyond three months.
  • Sadness has multiple origins and, at the same time, depends on our personality. We must grieve to whom certain things, While concerned, others more, other aspects. No sadness is equal or all live in the same way.
  • Sadness should not extend more than two consecutive weeks. However, at the time in which this is already three months, It is accompanied in addition to obsessive thoughts of negativity and decay-laden and presents a clear difficulty to perform basic tasks, such as going to work or even the groom us, We would be already talking about a depression.


How to deal with sadness


It should be very clear that sadness is always an origin, I mean, If you are sad it is for a reason that you must learn and delve into it to try to solve. Well it is true that, sometimes, discouragement can be generated by a health problem as, For example, an hormonal alteration or even a weakened immune system.

It is important because having a medical report that clarify what our general State of health. There are times that a thyroid problem causes decay and malaise, It is interesting to go discarding aspects that, sometimes, they can determine that feeling of sadness.

Once we have clear what is the source of that feeling negative is the time to put these tips into practice:


1. Emotional relief


It may seem easy but, In fact, It is not easy to find the best way to vent. There are who cries and alleviates the discomfort. Other, However, they need a few days of solitude and introspection to be able to think on their own situation and, then, let off some steam.

He cries if you need it, writes, take a walk, Lee... You are looking for your own release mode, rest. Search for your loneliness or talk to that person who always knows how to listen to you and giving you good advice, but it seeks to release the sadness in some way.


2. You understand that sadness is passed, everything passes


Once you understand the origin of that feeling and you've released through tears or talking to someone, There comes the time of rationalize the situation.

  • Understands that the suffering is not eternal, You can not live eternally with that negative feeling.
  • Life is a constant change, Everything flows and nothing is eternal. It can be that you've now lived a disappointment, but around the corner await you more opportunities that are worth testing and experience.
  • Understands that no one deserves to live forever feeling sadness. What you better? What helps you sadness? Let's face it. You deserve to be happy. The days are going to happen at the other and will come more Sunrise for you. Take advantage of them.


3. It rests


Once you have vented yourself and you've prioritized at the same time new changes in your life with which to start engine in your new day, try to relax. That sadness and suffering life causes a huge mental and physical effort You must recover.

It can be that it seems a cliché but, sometimes, "all the rest cure it", and in these cases enjoy a good night's sleep is something vital. Our brain needs to "disconnect" from these daily pressures to store information, to integrate made learning and, at the same time, regulate the biochemical alteration resulting in sadness in our brain structures.

Provide between 8 and 10 hours of rest and see as, the next day, everything has a new glow. The effort is worthwhile!

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