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If you're going to hold on to something that is to your dreams

If you

If you're going to hold on to something, it is your dreams and not people. I say no to the unhealthy attachment that cuts the wings and combines love with racketeering. Be bold and let go of what is outdated, what it does not work to meet the needs of your heart, there where our desires are inscribed, those for whom, They keep passing new trains every day.

Honoré de Balzac said that with a personal crisis the heart is broken or curte. All, somehow, we have lived those moments of complexity staff, in which, You are having to give up something or someone and perceive almost on the brink, we suddenly aware of ourselves and our genuine needs.

Holding on to something, sometimes, It does more harm than loose. Because sometimes, what makes us cling so hard that leaves marks and deep wounds, to the point of take off the air, life, Dreams…

It is curious to think like, somehow, we are almost forced to "die" several times and then reborn. Crises and changes always cause us fear, because we have to predispose detach so many things cancel a stage of our lives and start with the heart and other well tanned.

At each change and each of those cycles we started, always you must be enrolled purpose, a dream to reach for a little autorrealizarnos. We invite you to reflect on it.


The need to hold on to your dreams and goals


And There is a book that stands above all the need to hold fast to our dreams and be able to fight for them, It is "The Last Lecture" by Randy Pausch. In fact, It is an autobiographical work by the author himself, a celebrated professor of computer collaborating with the Disney factory, and who wrote this book after he was diagnosed with terminal pancreatic cancer.

With "The Last Lecture" I wanted to give a sort of where intellectual will convey to readers an essential need: of achieving our childhood dreams. those who, somehow, we bury our obligations Adult and the need for hold on to things or people that instead of allowing us to grow, we "belittle".

The pages of the book by Professor Paush exude an inspiring vitality and almost magical, transmitted in turn by someone who, despite taking their own final, is able to give us strategies which, build those personal steps that will allow us to achieve our dreams. They are as follows.

How to achieve your childhood dreams


Big goals that we have children now as we see tremendous naivete. Now well, It is quite possible that after this reasoning, In fact, is the fear.

  • No matter the size of those childhood dreams, your attitude that matters to them. From there, Randy Pausch spoke of the need for a family, of parents who will always act as facilitators and not as veto players dream.
  • Stop clinging to what other people think about your dreams or desires. They are not you, They do not live in your mind and your body pulsate with your heart. Cater to your inner voice and still thinks like a child who never stole his innocence: trust, Explore, it sounds…
  • The third tip that left us in his book "The Last Lecture", is the need to be patient and humble. Achieve dreams depends ultimately after a 10% inspiration and 90% transpiration. I mean, we must fight for what we want.


The changes, They bring the opportunity to achieve dreams


A respectful and inspiring parents, exceptional friends, a good job or a couple able to offer that love that allows us to grow personally and emotionally, They are certainly wonderful mechanisms to shape many of our dreams.

Now well, Curiously enough, are the moments of crisis when the most profound changes arise, while the best opportunities. It is therefore, often, that everything that is said rigid, unalterable, predictable and even obsessive, decline completely our creativity and sense of opportunity. They are areas of specialized tremendously stable control and where ever we challenge ourselves.

Stop clinging to it as monotonous and who loves you foreseeable, docile, submissive. Flee who forces you to postpone your dreams by reasoning as "it's not the moment", "Maybe another day", or "that now does not suit". Do not let that happen, remember your childhood dreams and advocating for change. Because Sometimes, in this personal crisis the miracle of learning and the opportunity to reinvent appears to achieve your dreams.


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