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5 attitudes that keep the love of your life

5 attitudes that keep the love of your life

Love, as such, It will always be an ideal. An essential topic of our life, which occur in different degrees or levels, never reach its point of perfection, as in mathematics or physics. It is not a figure; are not numbers. It is a feeling ... And feelings are not measured: They expressed, are living.

The above, which in principle would be a major constraint for any relationship, You can become a great advantage: why love will always be susceptible to improve,indefinitely; I mean, It will never be exhausted ...


1. Be jealous and celar: in love, the other is not a property


Jealousy is almost always a source of conflict in couples. Usually show low self-esteem, a high level and negative attempted possession over the other and, in general, They talk about our fears ...

This attitude leads us away from love, why Love is not a personal "buy", but an agreement mutual: not an acquisition, but a process that involves gains and losses. Is something, first of all, reciprocal. And whose essence, equity should prevail.


2. Infidelity: when deception takes over our hearts


Infidelity is, meanwhile, a way to say: "I do not fill my life; I need someone else "..." different from you ". Although it can mean much more, as a need to draw attention, or an expression of aggression against the couple, among others.

Obviously we're not talking in absolute terms, because no one fills anyone's life. We refer to large and complex implications, which entails being selfish in any relationship; why selfishness to accept only the "good" partner, never give good fruit: It never is something suitable.


3. Discussion-aggression: when "talks" to the cries


The language of love is dialogue, no discussions and, much less, violence or aggression of any kind. This attitude leads us away from love, in a significative way, why when respect is lost in a relationship, many things are lost plus.

Express feelings in an appropriate manner gives rise to a healthy bond of understanding. And if two people speak the same language, there will be better levels of understanding: a common language is constructed or, at least, a suitable means of communication.


4. falsehood: when the lie is the only truth


Sincerity is another key element in a relationship, why just as I do not want to be deceived, should not mislead anyone. The lie is usually paid dearly. And one deceives no one who truly loves. This attitude obviously love us away.

Sincerity is not cynicism or recklessness. It is reproached not uncomfortable "truths" for the other. Here we mean that sincerity that lets you show as you are, without costumes and masks. Total, If your partner is not in love with you, you really, as it is the way you are, Love never existed.


5. Not be fair: when only one responsible for the relationship


Reciprocity is essential in a partner, Since it speaks of two and not one. In theory, all or nearly all, on the basis of the duties and obligations, should be: "50 and 50" or "half you and half yo", so to speak.

But when this balance is unbalanced, foundations begin to crack and tends to break apart relationship. A person begins to dominate over the other, perhaps in terms of power, perhaps in terms of decision, and hence, the relationship may deteriorate.

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