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Accept yourself

Accept yourself

During our life, perhaps we work with many high performers who do not feel worthy of success. From a recent college graduate who has perhaps gotten a job with good pay, to a mature adult who had just received another promotion, all these people suffered the impostor syndrome.

The impostor syndrome It involves chronic feelings of inadequacy and self-doubt, despite evidence otherwise. No matter how successful were these individuals, felt like frauds and their beliefs were stealing mental strength. They thought they were not good enough to compete at a higher level, ultimately, their bad mental habits sabotaging your success.


How to stop feeling like an impostor


If you've ever felt that you are not good enough, you're not alone. However, If you're not careful, these feelings can keep you from reaching your highest potential. The good news is that you can take steps to change your perspective so you can embrace your achievements.

Here are five ways to eliminate the belief that you are not good enough:

Recognize your strengths


You may have received a "lucky break" but you all your achievement you should not that lucky break. It recognizes that you're talented. On the contrary, you would not be where you are today.

Record your accomplishments and your strengths. Read your list regularly, especially when you feel bad. Remind yourself of your strengths it can help you go far in what you propose.


Share your passions with others


It's easy to forget how far you've come and how much you learned. Teach a class, start a blog or other professional can advise remind your achievements. Share your knowledge it can also help you stay passionate about what you're doing.


Direct your self-doubt


When uncertainty about yourself drags you, do not ignore, direct it. Responds to criticism with something hard compassionate. Talk to yourself as a trusted friend and refuse to believe in your inner monologue negative.


Give yourself permission to play


Change your behavior it is essential to change the way you feel. Do not forget to do the things you love. Give yourself permission to relax sometimes. Doing so will help you enjoy the fruits of your labor, allowing you to see that you deserve everything you've won.


Accept compliments gracefully


People with impostor syndrome too often diminish the kind words of others. They make excuses for their success or minimize their accomplishments. the Comprométete accept praise gracefully offering a simple "thank you" when others recognize your work.


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