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Open and harmonize the sixth chakra

Open and harmonize the sixth chakra

Open the sixth chakra, The third eye, and work from a special exercise to, consciously, we can open this energetic center of our being, activate the pituitary gland and enhance our ability to see, to realize, to realize what we are creating from our energy.

The sixth chakra has its location between the eyes, above the root of the nose. telepathy, clairvoyance, the intuition, understanding of our dreams and recognition of our vital issues, and visions of life, They are aspects of this chakra.

Also, this chakra is assigned the experiences that go beyond the physical perception and union with the spiritual world.

sixth chakra

This powerhouse is where the power of intuition, everything that is beyond the material manifestation.

Physically this chakra governs the pituitary gland, the left brain, the left eye, ears, nose and nervous system in general.

When properly activated temperance develops, It produces mental clarity and ability to realize, awareness. Its imbalance causes distraction, too intellectuality and fear of the future.

If we open ourselves to the experience of meditation, We can experience the opening of the elements of the sixth chakra and develop the flow of this energy center.

It is important that you fully concentrate / a in this task, because otherwise you will not make it. Open your sixth chakra is simple but requires 100% your dedication.

sixth chakra


Opening the sixth chakra


Turn off the phone and take a stopwatch to program for 20 minutes.

This will give you the freedom to focalizarte in activating your sixth chakra without worrying about the time limit or clock watching.

Sit in a quiet room, comfortable and free of distractions.

Choose a room without electronic devices besides your timer and turn off your cell.

You will need to 20 minutes of pure concentration to perform activation.

Sit on the floor, If you want a cushion and cross your legs to be comfortable / a.

Supports your wrists on your knees and relax your body.

Breathe deeply through your nose five times to begin meditation.

Once you've exhaled air the fifth, close your eyes and look your forehead, with eyes closed.

This is known as "shambhavi yoga mudra" and allows you to focus exclusively on the area of ​​your body which is the Third Eye.

Start making a soft sound "Ohm". Take a deep breath and exhale making this sound. While, Imagine the sound "ohm" out of your third eye with a long tape.

Remains as still as possible while you focus only on the area between your eyebrows, as the third eye. continues for 20 minutes.

Rub your hands when the timer sounds, until they are heated through.

Place the palms of your hands over your eyes for a few minutes and relax, since the activation process can be intense.

If you can do it every day for 1 week.


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