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Opening the seventh chakra

Opening the seventh chakra

The seventh chakra, or crown chakra, It is in the crown or top of the head and is related to the upper brain, the right eye, nervous system and Pineal gland. It has much to do with the spirituality and wisdom, So if it is closed you have not connected your spiritual being to physical. It is related to the energy, the human consciousness and cosmic thinking.

Opening the seventh chakra to the universal wisdom


If you have a high ego, always you want to be right, you try to manipulate others, you are a dominant person, the raw material for humans, You have difficulty concentrating or mental dispersion, not you reason with others or similar symptoms and do not connect with the spiritual, It is possible that your seventh chakra not work as it should. You can activate it when you're doing a deep spiritual work. The best way to open the seventh chakra It is through meditation.

A good way to open Sahasrara It is put in a position of silent meditation and focus on the seventh chakra imagining a white light or imagining that opens like a flower in the sun. Keep in mind blank long enough to silence the noise of your mind, better with the help of a mantra, in position sitting up straight. If you prefer, you can sleep. Recite the mantra om.

You can also see Quartz transparent feeling is filled with white light or violet each the 7 chakras until arriving to see how your thoughts seventh emptied to be one with the universe.

If you have your root chakra strong, you can put your manosen the stomach letting the ring fingers point up until touching, cross your fingers with your right thumb over the left and focus on the chakra While thatSWTR the mantra of.

Other ways to open the seventh chakra are:

  • Gem therapy, diamond, clear quartz or amethyst.
  • Aromatherapy, cinnamon or lotus.
  • Chromotherapy, By observing a white card for a few minutes analyzing what you think, what do you feel, etc and annotating on a sheet.
  • Music therapy, specifically mental silence or something that makes you think.
  • Shiatsu, Yoga, Reiki, Visualizations and mantras, flower therapy or therapy Geothermal.

Connection to the universe of the seventh chakra


The crown chakra is the most spiritual of the main existing chakras, since it nourishes your faith and connect with the divine energy, binding of the mind and spirit. When it works well or you manage to open, develop more deliverability, the humility, the goodness, You have a clear conscience, you connect more with divinity and grace of your true self. With the seventh chakra working well you flow seamlessly with the universe and you feel one with everything.



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