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Opening the first chakra

Opening the first chakra

When the first chakra (called muladhara) does not work well, physical problems may occur, as in each of the chakras, you are related to any specific part of the human body.

Conditions that are related to the first chakra are: Obesity, hemorrhoids, constipation, sciatic nerve, Arthritis, anorexia nervosa, or injury of knee.


Exercises to open the first chakra


The first chakra Center has to do with the records that we have in the body related to the pain and pleasure, the primordial instincts. In this society so distracted, We got used to take many pills to avoid the pain, and we don't listen to our body on how to answer the call of our own body. Apart from drink, I would like to try to fix the problem from another point of view: from the energy. What we can do is to start to activate the roots, start working these roots, I mean, feet. We use conscious breath in the place that hurts us in ending the energy locked in that place. If we put the conscience at that place, probably the pain disappear.


The first chakra meditation


Breathe deeply several times, calmly and slowly. We leave the body from swaying to the right, and to the left, feeling parts internal and external of the soles of the feet. Feet, well seized on the ground. Feel the Earth's gravity, in that go to the right and to the left.

It begins to push a heel, and then the other. It hit the heel on the floor. As the foot begins to take heat, starts to walk by the place, raising the entire plant in soil, and treading again. Relaxing shoulders, arms, hands. Close your eyes, you will not collide with anything, you're walking without leaving the site. The puffs are deep, spare the air through the mouth.

Keep walking, slowly. You can feel like the sole of the foot rests on the ground. You can always tap heels. Just let that attention is on the feet. Don't let the mind to think of another thing, only on the floor and your feet, in the breath entering and leaving.

A wave of vitality comes from Earth. You only have to inhale it. Leave the feet to yourself, firm, quiescent legs. Open arms, stretch them. In the same place where you are, Sit down. Now you see the heart. Note the heartbeat, breathe deep and quiet, feel your legs and feet, make yourself comfortable.

Leave that heartbeat go to be more quiet, the breath will doing getting longer.

If some sense appears, think of this place, stop and take a breath. It continues. You are carrying air and light body. You not distracted. Exalando, removal and spare the air. You breathe light and take it by the body.


Other ways to open the first chakra


Music therapy. To activate the first chakra sounds monotonous and accented are ideal as, For example, the sounds of nature. There's nothing like enjoying the environment, But if not you can listen to them "live" always you can opt for recorded audio.

Playing sports. Sports involving risk and physical exertion are related to the first chakra. To balance this, Therefore, You can practice sports like football, Boxing, the racing cars or skydiving.

Gem therapy. The stone therapy is also an effective option to harmonize the root chakra. Agate, For example, provides balance, strength and reliability; In addition, helps to dissolve negative emotions, They provide confidence and facilitate childbirth. The Hematite gives resistance and strength, It helps in States of weakness and encourages a healthy formation of blood and cells. Garnet, Diamond, Ruby, Red coral, Pearl and Jasper are other gemstones to keep in mind when activating the first chakra through the gem therapy.

Yoga. Different own yoga postures can also help you to balance the first chakra. The position of the Raven, of the tree, the Warrior's or defense will serve for this purpose.

Chromotherapy. The color of the first chakra is red, so he displayed power and vitality that flows through you. Red hot, vivifies, and provides dynamism and vitality. You can wear red, take with you a Garnet or a Ruby... There are thousands of ways to tune in to that color as, In addition, helps balance you with passion.

Reiki. To harmonise the chakras with reiki before you get started on it, and anyone can do it.

Aromatherapy. There are several aromas related to the first chakra that you can use to align it. One of them is the smell of nail in spices, It helps to dissolve the energy locked in the first chakra and brings transformation and renewal. Another of them is Cedar, that it conveys peace and gives sense of security. The aroma of rose, Jasmine and sandalwood stimulate circulation, reduce depression and generate heat. There are others to consider as the smell of Rosemary, honey or Indian flower known as Queen of the night.

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