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Open the fourth chakra

Open the fourth chakra

Of the seven main chakras, the fourth chakra is related with the universal love, relations, the feelings, openness to life and compassion.

Also relates it with the balance, security in oneself, forgiveness, healing and wellness; and it is responsible for balancing lungs, chest and heart.


Open the fourth chakra


The fourth chakra is known as chakra of love, heart or Anahata. Its meaning is 'intact', 'no hit', located in in the middle of the chest, at the height of the heart.

Its color is green, the pink and gold; her mantra is Yam, his musical note is the f-sharp, It is governed by the sense of touch and its element is the air.

In addition, It's him Center of the Chakra System and one of the most important, What makes bridge between more materials and lower three chakras, and the three chakras higher and more spiritual.

Appears when the fourth chakra is harmonized balance and vitality; and also encourages the conditional love, compassion, understanding, perseverance, patience and solidarity.

Mind control: Find out if you need to harmonize your fourth chakra


Do you experience a deep peace and perfect balance? Do you feel yourself owner? Do you control your emotions? If it is so, You should know that your fourth chakra is fully balanced.

On the other hand, If you feel a pressure in your chest and your breathing is difficult and forced likely need to align it.

You will also need to activate it if you have tendency to shut yourself in yourself, If you avoid interpersonal relationships, If you have negative thoughts and if you afraid to express your feelings for fear of rejection.

But it is not the only thing: depression, Soledad, the reluctance to forgive, insensitivity, a sad and passive attitude, difficult to show love and health problems such as asthma, hypertension, heart disease and lung disease are also symptoms of the need to harmonize the fourth chakra.

Do you feel that your life has no meaning? You lack joy and costs see the friendliest face of life? If it is so, the answer is the same: need to harmonise the chakra Anahata.

Basically, When the heart chakra is blocked we feel a great sadness, imbalance and disconnection of the world at the same time that the will to live are evaporated.

Is for this reason that when the heart chakra is harmonized we can experience unconditional love, compassion, acceptance, fullness and enjoy a perfect balance.

In addition, It gives great power and great power of conviction, It strengthens the heart and respiratory system, and it makes us feel calm and happy.

Some exercises to open the heart chakra are:

  • Meditation to help your chakras are in balance and harmony.
  • We encourage you to volunteer, helps disabled, older people, dealing with animals... (allow yourself to feel the love indondicional all be alive on this planet).
  • Yoga, a discipline that will connect with your self inside. Similar to the Reiki helps to harmonize the chakras.
  • Essential oils sandalwood and rose.
  • Green and pink.
  • The gem therapy with Rose Quartz and aventurine. Specially placed on the chest.
  • Be grateful. He smiles, laugh as much as you can. Avoid speaking in a sarcastic tone.
  • Forgive yourself, a great technique that speaks of Atonement as the Ho' Ho'oponopono. Leave the thoughts of hatred, grudge, rabies... you are poisoning.
  • Sounds like the stringed instruments, organ, harp, flute and carillon.
  • With full breathing exercises.
  • Eat lots of green fruits and vegetables.
  • Put your hand on your heart and say "I love you. I accept you as you are. You are important. Your life counts".
  • It works Healing your inner child.
  • With the mantra yam.


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