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Did you know that every form of hugging has a meaning?

Did you know that every form of hugging has a meaning?

The hug is an expression capable of representing a huge range of emotions: love, passion or hatred.

Hugging is a gesture that has the power to leave us a profound and indelible mark on our hearts taking into account the clear intention of the person, feelings and emotions ... and especially how they perceive embrace the person who perceives.

Psychologists have developed a peculiar "classification hug"", however we have rescued the most peculiar to this article.


classic hugs


In fact, This is very intimate embrace. Breasts together and heads are very close. In addition, usually it lasts two or more seconds, so the ritual has a special charm.



Hugs dance


They are given to associate music. Normally they lead to one of the two people involved to embrace the other in his neck. Then, sounds convey the dancers to romantic worlds magical and full of love, privacy and beauty.


visual hug


This embrace has a special component. It is intimate and simple. Both people glued facing each other and the space between the two to the chest is replaced by the closeness of knowing glances and loving.


Embrace peer


It is between two people without any special affinity and closeness in. Given just patted on the back for a job well done or the proximity of any concrete facts. The heads do not come together and feelings are less intense.


asymmetric hugs


It is between two people different heights. The connotation is purely passionate and erotic. In fact, When more is used it is during an intimate act and sexual.


side hug


demonstrate one Simple proximity. someone else's shoulder occurs when surround yourself with one arm. It has different meanings: fellowship, sympathy, sweetie, love, tenderness, warmth ...


distant hugs


Distant lack intensity and hugs are given with remote bodies. The event occurs more commitment. They can be part of a protocol or motivated by a temporary truce after an intense confrontation.


violent hugs


These hugs are intense but not amorous passion, but by sheer violence and aggressiveness. Usually very tight. It could even cause pain. Happen during a fight or to separate an individual from a fight, For example.

Pitifully embrace is not always a symbol of love and affection sometimes involves violent or falsity. However, although this happens in some cases, Fortunately most often symbolize hugs and create a space intimacy and affection in which we feel accompanied and comforted.

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