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7 Things Every Man Can Do For A Woman

7 Things Every Man Can Do For A Woman

The truth is that do not participate much in such generalizations "every woman wants", but when it comes to relationships and what women expect from them, I think so There are a number of basic things that every woman really expect and need from your partner.

Well, I really want to talk about 7 specific things that I think not only women expect their partner, but anyone who chooses to have waiting next.


1. Cariño y apreciación – queremos sentir que somos especiales para él.

I know I'm not the most beautiful nor the most intelligent woman in the world, but I do want to feel that I am the most beautiful the smartest man in the eyes of the woman and I have next.

Caring fills the soul, It makes you feel valued, special and unique. When there is delivery, love and selfless generosity of another towards you realize that you're very lucky.

Is rare, but for some reason life feels lighter and easier when you know there is someone who cares about you.


2. Honesty - but not too much.

Women do not want our partner we hide things or lie to us about the things that matter. We want him to trust us, we feel as an ally, you know you're on their side and that we will support whenever we can.

But on the other hand we do not want to be brutally honest, If we ask if we are good we are seeking to tell us that yes, although we see it as a horrible scarecrow ... It's part of the game of seduction and is part of love.

In addition, all have ugly days, and nobody needs to be reminded. In fact, If there is one area where it is a lie is welcome in everything that has to do with the superficial things.


3. Understanding - we do not want to give explanations about us.

Women want to feel understood, the other knows what to expect and what not to expect from us, we know outside and inside.

We want to be accepted for what we are, with our good and bad ... and I think both women we offer the same back our partner. Accept and even help you with those things he wants to improve.

When there is no trust understanding to fully display, 100% as one is and there is no greater love than this. No confusion, no misunderstandings no disappointments. there is truth, love and acceptance, That is the goal.

4. Fortaleza - both physical and mental.

is not the most important thing is the physical strength of a man, Unlike, mental it is much more, but equal women we like to feel safe beside the man with whom we are.

To some extent we are still animals and is in our nature to choose a man who can protect us. And in complete honesty, feel that a man is strong and it is unshakeable admiration we inevitably mentally, pleasure, It makes us feel safe and certainly causes us.


5. Compassion - shows that the other person is capable of loving.

It is not enough that a man feel love only for us, You have to feel a love for life and all living things. Women want a man of good heart next, someone kind.

Someone whom others admire and have the, you appreciate. A good man who is not afraid to show their feelings and not subject to their weaknesses, Unlike, that recognizes and wants to improve.


6. Security - Financial and literal

I do not want any man to keep me, but I do not want to keep any man. I believe in equality and I like the idea that everyone is financially independent.

But even though things are getting better, Like women have more obstacles when it comes to employment opportunities and wages. In addition, many choose to be mothers, and that inevitably gets you out of work for a while.

For this reason It is very important to feel that the person next to us is wise with money, not confuse value and price and it will be wise in their spending and help you think yours.


7. active engagement - to believe in us as a couple with absolute conviction.

I want him to feel as lucky as I have him as my partner, I want you to believe blindly two of us. You are convinced that together we are the best life project that could have. I want to be loyal to me and to this project, because I at least would not change anything ...


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