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6 Promises that you have to make yourself before you fall in love

6 Promises that you have to make yourself before you fall in love

Often we complain about some actions that men do not carry with us when we are couple, pero ¿nos hemos puesto a pensar si nosotras también actuamos de la mejor manera? Apply some of these promises and see how things begin to change.


1. Promises never change who you are for someone else


Relationships are the greatest opportunities for Fulfilling ourselves. tragically, often we see that the interests of someone else become ours. We try to find ourselves in someone else.

The problem is that we forget about us hoping that the relationship be saved and that only makes matters worse. We need to be with someone who makes us feel like we really.


2. Promises never try to control the other person


Nobody likes to be told what can and can not do or see. Underneath all those worries and live a fear truth that your partner can go when you want it.

Learn to accept this fear and promising you that you trust the other person, you can be sure the two. We need to be with someone who does not limit us or stop us.



3. Promises to be in good and bad


There will be days of pain, miscommunication and happiness and flab. Regardless of your relationship, promise this will give you a solid foundation and a sense of security.

When people enter into a relationship, They start with the mentality of "you get what you give". We must bear in mind that relations will always be more than you expect and enter them without fear and with the option of giving without receiving.


4. Promises not to be selfish


It is very easy to focus on your needs and what you want from the relationship. Per is important that your partner feel comfortable enough to be the him- or herself. You should always have the option to communicate their needs to you.

The fact simply be there It is something that all relationships need. We need to be with someone who always keep in mind our needs as well.


5. Promises never forget the details


After a certain point, you will achieve to be very comfortable and your partner also, and that's fine. The other should know you're still there and they still want.

Never stop trying win her heart. Surprises never forget. Remember to have moments of sexis and joking. Spend your days with someone who makes you feel loved.


6. Promises that love will never be guaranteed


Love is not guaranteed, but it promises. It is the promise of an opportunity to create something that nobody else has. When you have the love you think you deserve, remember that love is free and unlimited.

Love will always be unique when you decide to share it with someone and never be the same with all. Find someone who will not take as collateral also.


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