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6 phrases of gratitude for everyday

6 phrases of gratitude for everyday

Thank, depending on the person and situation, It may not be easy or "natural". Many people find it hard to crack a smile to someone a favor by dropping them wrong. Even so, know is right, and long-term results in our favor. Like this, phrases of gratitude should be used more frequently and not only for specific moments.

We are not usually aware of how lucky we are. Have a bed, a roof and food are themselves an aspiration for many of the people with whom we share the planet. On the other hand, many of us live so engrossed in our comfort we think we deserve them, although we have not moved a finger to get them.

Most of the time have been our parents and grandparents who themselves have gone through bad times. They have fought for what we now take for granted. They are an example of perseverance and constancy, and they deserve our pride and respect. Like this, to his perseverance are our first words of gratitude. In many cases, if it were not for his courage, we would not have grown up surrounded by love and without economic hardship.

"It is well born to be grateful".

-proverb popular-


6 phrases of gratitude for everyday


"Gratitude is not only the greatest of virtues, but it is also related to the rest "


This wise phrase is attributed to the Roman writer and politician Marcus Tullius Cicero. In his opinion, all people are grateful possessors of a big heart and associated great virtues. For example, who is not able to thank, unlikely to have the ability to empathize with people around you.


"So great is the pleasure experienced when finding a grateful man ... that is worth risking not be an ingrate"


The great philosopher Seneca was the architect of one of the best quotes of gratitude. Even selfishly, cause us all a great sense of happiness hear someone dedicating ourselves phrases thanks: within that thanks, that embrace, It is an acknowledgment. Through him, often we are aware that the other has noticed and appreciated our gesture. On the other hand, It strengthens our self-esteem because it leaves us feeling that we have been able to contribute something of value.

Just for that reason alone, it is necessary to help those who ask us a favor. In addition to demonstrating kindness and understanding, We guarantee that feeling of satisfaction.


"He who does not appreciate a little favor, not appreciate big one "


Muhammad spoke these words long ago. This prophet warns us that the ungrateful people can not be trusted. Who does not have regular express their gratitude for the little things of every day, hardly it will in most extreme situations.

In the same way, These will be difficult return the favor if they can not get something in return.


"When you drink water, remember the source "


This Chinese proverb tells us to reflect on our own perceptions. When someone helps you, don't forget it. On the way to success and self-discovery all need others to lend a hand.

Remember that even now you're on top, not so long ago you were lying on the ground. Then people who helped you get up and you shook the dust is worthy of your memory and your gratitude. Let them know that they can count on you.


"The gratitude of many is merely the secret hope of receiving new benefits and greater"


French writer and military François de La Rochefoucauld this maxim had very clear. There is a lot of interested people who used gratitude for benefits in return. It is in your power to distinguish the hypocrites those who really feel grateful.

It may seem a banality, but is not. Interacting with people who pretend gratitude is very dangerous, why when they get tired of using you, will not hesitate to betray by larger favors. Stay away from people with this attitude.


"As children we were grateful to those who filled us socks for Christmas. Why do not we thanked God to fill our socks with our feet?""


British journalist and writer Gilbert Keith Chesterton gives us one of the best reflections that exist. For him, phrases must make deep gratitude our eyes, so that we can go far beyond what we see with the naked eye. For example, Christmas children need to understand that any kind of gift deserves our thanks, not only toys or money. If children learn from what is really important, they hardly forget. It will mark, In addition, in any decision they make in the future.

Although there are thousands of phrases and reflections accurately expressing the wonders of gratitude, our task is to discover. They are born and displayed in the details: being alive is, in fact, a joy we should give thanks every morning.

Establish as a challenge to introspect and ask ourselves whether we really grateful to the other gestures that have taken us. It will be easy in this reflection we discover a new vision of the world around us, that allow us to see some different glasses fortune with us.


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