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6 emotional gifts of the female brain

6 emotional gifts of the female brain

It may be for cultural influence, by pure biology men and women often differ in how they treat their emotions. This is due largely to the same diversity in the way they behave the female brain and male.

It may be common for women to feel some frustration when value the more emotional interactions with men with whom we surround ourselves. Meanwhile, It is common for men even sometimes think that women have some seers.

However, what happens is that the female brain is an expert in:

  • read faces.
  • Interpreting tone of voice.
  • Analyze emotional nuances.

However, if we could consider that men and women, and each particular person, They live in different realities. Consider emotional gifts commonly share female brains:


1-The gift of gut feelings

Visceral feelings are not capricious emotional states but strong physical sensations that are responsible for transmitting powerful messages to the brain.

This, según Louann Brizendine, You may have to do with the amount of available cells in the female brain to capture bodily sensations. I mean, that increased estrogen from puberty, sharpens the brain's ability to move and feel emotions.


2-The gift of emotional reading

The female brain often has the ability to Quickly find thoughts, beliefs and intentions of others based on little evidence . In fact, according to the studies, women have a great ability to avoid causing harm to others.


3-The gift of the ability to "pull myself together"

Taking this to the extreme, You can become more like a threat than a gift. However, let's talk about the positive side.

I mean, if as it is shown in various studies women capture the emotions in nonverbal communication 90% of the cases, obviously they have to live with it more usually That men, They comprising emotions through gestures on a 40% situations.


4-The gift of emotional memory

The female brain remembers the relationship as a whole and not by film scenes. In fact, emotions are recorded as memories. En este sentido se facilita la codificación y el almacenamiento de esta información, which is used with various emotional nuances in the hippocampus to shape memories like a detailed sensory picture it were.


5-The female brain coexists wrong with anger

The fear center, la cólera y la agresividad suele ser mayor en los varones. However, control areas of these situations (prefrontal cortex) usually relatively greater in women. Also, the amount of testosterone hormone receptors is different in some and in others.

Or is, the fact that a woman will hold anger not only has to do with social norms and education, but it may be due to the tendency of the female brain meditate situations and preventing the consequences of a confrontation.


6-The gift of intense sensitivity

It is somewhat surprising that a large percentage of highly sensitive people (NOT) is formed by women as most say that the female brain is raised biologically speaking with emotional leadership.


The female brain has a great capacity when working and processing emotions is an indisputable fact. Like this, with reading 6 gifts or features that have exposed intend it to be understood even better that each person has their reality both physical and psychological and social, something that certainly gives us the ability to be unique individuals, authentic and genuine.

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