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5 reasons why the beach is good for health

5 reasons why the beach is good for health

You're sitting in your office, enduring the summer heat with the air conditioning on high, and between email and email, when nobody sees you, you get to browse on Google some images of the beach where you have already booked your holiday. Fancy going to the beach, and even one might almost say it is also a necessity because a few days to escape rebozarse sand and salt it is also beneficial for our health.

Thalassotherapy call, as defined from the Spanish Society of Medical Hydrology (martyr), is "for therapeutic use of seawater along the maritime climate"", taking into account elements such as the marine bioclima (more specifically the methodical and systematic exposure to the sun, called helioterapia, and marine climatoterapia, using the atmosphere, temperature, humidity, winds, barometric pressure, etc.); seawater; muds and seaweed; besides the sand and all other substances of marine plankton and how phitoplacton.

Use for therapeutic purposes, by medical experts, in rheumatic diseases, traumatológicas, dermatological, the respiratory system or the venous and lymphatic and venous system, among others, It shows that nature can sometimes do a lot for us. That is why while going to the beach does not have the same effect as seeing a specialist center, Yes you can give us some benefits to consider.

Get your body 10 on the beach

1. Relax and sleep better

If we go to the beach to relax, instead of a big city, not just because fewer people to meet and practice round and round in the hammock, but because the maritime environment really helps improve our stress levels. As explained Araceli García Muela, specialist in medical hydrology, "Negative ionization of the sea breeze increases serotonin levels, thus it begins to decrease anxiety levels ". All this added to "physical exercise performed during swimming, favors slowing heart rate, better oxygenation of tissues and improves peripheral circulation, But also the sun and heat have sedative effects, so after a bath, fatigue accumulated by the effort facilitates relaxation and sleep induction ".

2. Improve our joints with a walk

If we combine beach with health concept, surely think to take advantage of our holiday, to exercise more, even for long and relaxing walks, which may favor us more than we think.

Jesus J. Red, director of health and human performance at the Faculty of Sciences of Physical Activity and Sport (INEF), insists on the beach "freedom of clothing and air contact on our skin invites us to walk, and possibly the surface activity practiced, the walk along the beach ". What is not so well known is that during the same "proprioception is improved foot joints, knee and hip, while regenerates the skin of the sole and, if we mojándonos the lower extremities, refrigerate the body, since from the sole blood is pumped to the heart ", the expert points.

Like this, this ride at a good pace, I mean, to some 5-6 Km/h, "It will be adapting our body and toning the muscles of legs and thighs". Even, If we make a little effort and climbed a little slope buttocks were also tone up, that both crave.

"The most important thing is to ride early in the morning or late afternoon and always protective factor and eye protection with glasses or contact lenses with UV filter", warns Professor of INEF, which ultimately adds further, "Some people take advantage of the outdoors to play sports, even bocce or shovels, allowing us to burn some calories more, the the evening ice cream, while we will spend more time entertaining ".

3. muscle relaxation with waves

If we walk it helps improve joint, It seems to swim, improves our muscles, and that "the beating of the waves against our body acts as a massage, causing muscle relaxation ", Jesus adds J. Red.

In addition, move in the water has other benefits, "Not so much swimming, which is usually done with unsuitable styles and does not reach the intensity or duration that could be considered as an exercise, but walking in the water or make those jumps breaking waves ". The point is that the water be within our weight decreases, "So that we can move knees and hips with a lower burden, which benefits cartilage nutrition, while will not hurt if we are overweight. We will also have the benefit brought about by improving venous return and make a good lymphatic drainage, all because of the greater pressure there deeper ".

4. The sea breeze enhances our breath

We all do, We arrived at the beach, we release them bags, and breathe deeply to say this "smells of the sea". A habit that turns out to be quite healthy. It insists Dr.. Garcia Muela, "Sea breeze acts as a sort of aerosol or spray naturally rich in iodine, perfect for regulating the thyroid gland and the moisture, It helps to expel mucus. ". In fact, as explained by the specialist in medical hydrology, breathing the sea air "heart rate slows and improves peripheral circulation, increases the amplitude of respiratory movements, improving pulmonary ventilation, increases hemoglobin and red blood cells and oxygen scavenging. The sea air, In addition, naturally produces ozone bactericidal also prevents respiratory diseases ". Much better than breathing the city air, of course.

5. Natural chemistry

Unlike fresh water, Salt water has a much more complex and in fact composition "acquires its characteristic salty taste by the high concentration of mineral salts that are dissolved, rich in chlorides, sodium, magnesium, football, potassium, iodo, etc. "This mineral wealth brings different effects on the body, including expert medical hydrology highlights "antiallergic action on the skin and respiratory system; Relieving muscle action; relaxation of the nervous system; circulatory tissues reactivating; the antioxidant effect to alleviate skin aging; the oxygenating action at the cellular level; calcium fixation processes osteoporosis; improved heart rate and improves muscle function ".

Thus Araceli García Muela concludes by explaining that "the seawater and the accompanying items are ideal to preserve the overall health of their overall impact on metabolism and organic and physical functions".


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