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5 indications that do not want a new relationship

5 indications that do not want a new relationship

After a breakup is crucial that Do not rush by having a new relationship. First you must think to heal emotionally, regardless of the causes that have led to your previous relationship ended. If you want to return your love life, read these signs that you are not ready for a relationship, and so you remove the doubts.

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Not looking for a new relationship if:

  • You are putting aside your life by getting new partner: It is not good to waste time on men who do not give it all for you. Better focus on having the life you want without being dependent on having one.
  • Still you want and think about your ex: This is not healthy for you and it's not fair for the new person on your side. Dedicate first to heal those wounds.
  • You try to save another: no one should be your priority more than you, You should not save anyone but yourself. Focus on solving your problems and not others.
  • Think only in a relationship are happy: He is working on self-esteem, Do not believe those myths Match. Enjoy yourself and everything that makes you so special, Figure out what makes you different.
  • You think that a relationship will solve your problems: No one should take care of your problems. He begins to stand on your own and enjoy your own company.

Not being prepared is normal, and it's OK. Be patient and devote yourself first to have a good relationship with yourself, because that will always be the best and most durable. It works to be a better version of yourself, so you can do your best to deliver a new person. When trust and fullness come to your life, the romance will return only.


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